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Thinking about heading to maumee thur or friday

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by marka88, Mar 15, 2005.

  1. Hi, Can I get a few reports on how everybody is doing on the maumee. With the temp I was thinking of heading up thur or friday. Thanks mark
  2. I'm heading down Wedsday after work and I'll post how we do.

  3. i'm going later today for an hour. probablly at the fort.
  4. Hey Mojo,

    What time do you think you will be out there. I am planning on heading out after work myself.

  5. I'll be down tuesday afternoon 2 ish till dark, mid bluegrass island wearing brown neoprenes and a green jajcket.

  6. Can you guys let me know how you did because I am from columbus.
  7. My son and i are planning on heading down next week some time, probebly good friday, hopefully the fish are in the river and ready to bite, Good luck to ya all and let us know how you did. :D
  8. i' m gonna fish the island tommorrow afternoon. will give report tommorrow night. Thanks for maumee tackles web site, switch computers and lost the address.
  9. I fished bluegrass from 4:45 till 6:30 and bumped 1 and snagged one. Saw no other fish taken. Talked to a guy who fished all day and never touched a fish. I may give it a try again tonight. If I were driving from Columbus I'd wait at least till the begining of next week unless we get a warm rain. If I get back down there or here anything I'll let you know.
  10. his (maumee tackle) fair to good = most not catching anything

    my fair to good = everyone catching fish

    current fishing conditions = poor

    stay home for a week


    i must have spoken with you, i was the guy downstream from camo man that was there all day.

  11. Gudos

    Gudos Fisher of Man

    Well I will stay home this weekend...keep us posted....anybody knows of the US geological site that updates the Maumee river conditions, I think on an hourly basis. I used to have the link but lost it......
  12. agree with swantucky, we need a warm rain, its cold and low and fishing is slow.
  13. Hey Swantucky which one was you? Me and my brother left around 5:30. He had one on his stringer, and me empty handed. I had a gray sweatcoat on.
  14. I wear green neoprene waders and a blue hooded pullover almost every time I'm down there, its my river "uniform". ha-ha Right now I have a half-assed goatee untill this cut on my chin from a snowmobiling mishap heals up. I'll b e back down there Sat. or Sun. afternoon and probably most days after work next week if things improve. By the way we were there yesderday from 4:30-6:30 and each snagged one. Only saw one legal fish caught.
  15. I am still thinking of heading up therre tomorrow. Has the fishing inproved?
  16. Gudos

    Gudos Fisher of Man

    Thanks for the link
  17. CMFish51

    CMFish51 TROLL-aholic

    Take Lowrys website (Maumeetackle) info with a grain of salt. Have to go with J Blocker on that one. Go with repitable guys on this sites info for fishing the river...Some guys just want to make money...

  18. Honestly Gary ia a good guy but I do not know where he is getting his info. I work 2 mins. from the river and I have been down there every day 2 to 3 times a day and I have seen a total of 3 fish from Jerome Rd to White St. The water is still a little cold and it is VERY low and with the combo of the two it does not make for good conditions. The other thing that i noticed is that alot of the holes have changed this year. A couple stops that i fished last year are very shallow and vise versa. I watch a guy today walking at Bottonwood in a spot that was chest deep in the same conditions and now is knee deep.