thinking about buying land...

Discussion in 'The Lodge' started by Hummel, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. im thinking about buying 20 acres or more this spring either in minnesota or maine....

    im a avid fisherman and know minn has more muskie/pike and maine is more trout etc.

    so ill be fine with that, but hunting wise which would you prefer.

    compare/contrast if you can
  2. littleking

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    minnesota has tons of grouse, big deer, waterfowl..

    dont know about maine

  3. im more interested in bear and be exact

    is minn or maine better for bear and moose overall.
  4. Pike


    What about travel time. You can be in MN a lot quicker than you can be in Maine.
  5. crittergitter

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    I don't think 20 acres would be sufficient to hunt bear or moose anywhere?

  6. ive actually been leaning towards 80+ now that i found some
  7. are there moose in either location?
  8. yes there are moose in minnesota and maine
  9. lg_mouth

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    You may want to go over to and check with guys there. There has to be some guys on there who can give you some info on both states.

  10. I've hunted Maine for multiple years while living on the East coast. Definitely Moose and bear up there. Lots of land to hunt and i actually find more moose sign than deer. One cool thing about Maine is that if the property is not posted, you can legally hunt it. It's just so thick and cold, it's tough to hunt.
  11. fishingful

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    looks like you have a better chance of pulling a permit in maine if you are in the right District but it cost more

    bear looks like main is cheeper and you can bait and trap them too

    fromthe little bit of reading did it looks like you will want to make sure that you dont buy land inside an area that you will ned to getinto a loto to pull a permit but usually that is in the refuge or state lands

    here are the states dnr pages