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  1. One of our long-time members, TxTransplant, is riding out the hurricane down in the Houston/Galveston area. I called yesterday to see how he was doing and he texted me back that he, his wife Terri, and beagle "Cooper" are hunkered down in the hospital where they work and were hanging tough... Be safe Gene. Never had a storm like that hit Portage Lakes, did we?

    You guys are in our thoughts... (keep an eye on them Coop!)
  2. Hang in there Gene, looks like it's gonna be a long night...We'll be thinking of you.

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    Good luck. I hope all is well for you during this.:(
  4. wow ,double wow,that puppy is a cat3 aiming right at wishes and I admire the guts.
  5. good luck, you will be in our prayers tonight. that is one heck of a storm
  6. Ruminator

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    Gene, I pray you and everyone out there will be safe.

    We also have close friends living in Beaumont, just NE of Houston.
    I just talked to them at 10:30 and the weatherunderground current wind speed taken there just 1/4 mile from their house was currently 0.0 mph with gusts of 8.3 mph.
    Their forecast overnight has gusts going as high as 85 mph. It will be a long night for everyone out there near Houston.
    Lots of wind and flooding, with possible tornadoes starting up ...
  7. Thanks for the report Carl. Gene, Terri And Coop have been on my mind. Hang in there Gene Dogg. Hope all is well for everyone.
  8. Got a text from him today and theyre doing well.

    They don't know about their house though. They can't get home yet.
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    I hope Gene finds everything OK when he gets back.
  10. hope all is well....would be devastating to go through that!!! sorry but i LIKE ohio!!:) good luck TX and family!!! OGF is pullin' for ya!
  11. Got a cell phone pic from him today... House is still there, but there's a big tree on top of it and some roof damage.

    I hope that's all the damage you have Gene. Hang in there buddy!
  12. Glad to hear everyone is fine and not to much damage. My brother and his family live there but I haven't heard any thing yet. Guess I'll have to call someone to find out.
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    Just got the power up here! Man what a ride and awesome display of nature!!!!! I have never in my life seen the damage and water this thing left. We got water damage in the house and a 2 foot hole in the roof but it was a safe ride in the hospital for us. We are now the ONLY hospital in the area with power so it is overwhelming the number of patients we are seeing. The hospital is set up like a war time triage center and helo's are flying into us swapping in and out patients. I was on the clock from 7am Friday untill 8am Monday with only naps here and there between. Looks like a warzone down here with power out everywhere.Water got to our front door and back door but luckily stopped at both jams! They say it may be October before we can get the roof fixed so I tarped it yesterday. I'm plum wore out! I have branches piled on the curb 35 yards long 5 yards wide and 6 feet high just from my yard. I got lucky compared to what I have seen. Thanx for thinking and praying for us! We miss all of ya'll!

  14. Good to hear all is well for the most part!!