Things you have lost down the icehole

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  1. Was bored and thinking about all the stuff i have lost down the icehole while ice fishing. I lost a cell phone ice fishin' off catawba in '06 and a flask full of jim bean also in '06. And last year lost another cell phone at mosquito, also lost a two way radio at mosquito the next day because i didn't have my cell phone.My brother lost two of my ice scoops last year, so guess what he gave me for x-mas! Well how about you guys? I know i can't be the only one thats lost stuff down the hole. :( :p :D :D
  2. cell phone last year at mogadore, while ringing i pulled it out and dropped it right down the hole... i think thats why i get skunked out at mogadore, someone calls the fish and tells them im commin.

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    Little yellow Custom Jigs and Spins box full of my favorite #12's. Didn't even know I droped it until I saw it slowly sinking away and tried to grab it...too late.:( Also lost a key ring full of nail trimmer, knife, hook sharpener, etc. somewhere around '94 or '95.
  4. just about 1 of everything I take fishing with me ,,I like how they bounce once and right in the hole,,,,if you wanted to throw it in the hole ,,you could not do it
  5. Lost the battery off my Vex, then I bought the carrying case for it. AquaView and Vex use the same battery so I was not without Vex til new battery arrived.
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    It doesn't matter what you drop,one bounce and in the hole it goes.Must be some kind of mysterious force that magnetizes everything dropped or kicked and gets sucked down the black hole like it never existed.I've lost my share of spud bars,shanty poles, ice scoops, ice jigs,unopened cans of soup,pop & beer and a couple of rods over the years.The 12" hole of the power auger might have had a little to do with it, now I only drill 8" holes:) .............Mark
  7. Well, lets see, my rookie year I had 2 schoolie rods and a dead stick out at Wilhelm in the afternoon, very slow bite, I mean nothing, 2 schoolie rods in the water. Took a walk around to talk to some other guys, come back closer to my holes, an old timer says "did ya have 2 poles set up over there? I say yeah, he says "well, you got one now" Oh well, rookie mistake. Hours later at dusk the gills turn on, 1 schoolie and the deadstick, at about 20 gills in 15 minutes I"m unhooking one and look down and CLANK-CLANK-CLANK, there goes the deadstick into the abyss. Have lost an ice scoop since but have learned to secure my rods since that day. LOL Dont think that theres many guys out there that can say they lost 2 rods in one day, can this be a record? LOL.
  8. Bong! Back in my partying days.
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    sam kegg that is too funny, I did the same thing and used the same joke. I have lost several cellphones down the hole.
  10. I am new to icefishing but while at Gander Mtn a few weeks ago a guy told me his wife kept calling him to make sure he was ok and at one time he just answered the phone and with his mittens fumbled it right down the drain and the next thing he knew, the sherrifs dept was out checking on him as his wife thought he fell through while talking to him. A serious but funny story.
  11. I have been an OGF member since 04, but have made only one post. I couldn't pass up this one, however. About 3 years ago on Mosquito near the 305 ramp, two older friends were in a small shanty right beside me. All of a sudden they started wrestling around and screaming. I yelled over to ask what was going on, and one guy replied that he dropped his false teeth down the hole.
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    I've dropped some keeper fish that made it back under the ice! Always ticks me off, but that is what happens with gloves and/or numb hands.
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    capt S.........Did you really know the multitude of cryptic applications that a thread of this magnitude would usher in. Any-time there is a mechanically contrived circular opening, located in a sheet of ice that covers any body of water........and accompanied by the presence of humans (especially males)...WILL AUTOMATICLY AND MYSTERIOUSLY (AS IF GUIDED BY MAGNETIC CONVERGENCE) CONSUME ANY AND ALL OBJECTS THAT ARE SO MIS-HANDLED BY SAID HUMANS......WHO FIND THEMSELVES INCAPABLE TO QUICKLY RESPOND AND MUST BE RESOLVED TO WATCHING THAT ITEM DISAPPEAR INTO THE ABYSS OF THAT SAID ORIGINAL CIRCULAR OPENING ("OR JUST THAT PLAIN OLD HOLE IN THE ICE") THRU WHICH I HAVE LOST WAY TOO MANY ITEMS ........CAREFUL WHAT YOU DROP..... jON sR.
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    that reminds me of a time on erie. got a real nice eye out of the hole just to have it break off above the ice. he went under the floor of the shanty between two holes and bounced around for a while. we were standing on our heads on the nasty bottom of the shanty trying to get a hold on him when he floped and went back down the hole. took a swedish pimple with him. thought he was the luckiest fish ever until the next day the kid who works for the guide came to our shanty. he caught the same fish with the jig still in his mouth! he returned my jig to me, but kept the fish!
  15. a 2-litre of Pepsi. used to open one up, take a gulp and it would be enough air in there to keep it from sinking. well, dummy me dropped it right in a hole unopened and it sank like a rock! that was back when i was younger and always warm, now that i am older there is no way i can handle a cold bevreage out there.
  16. Now thats funny!!!!!!!
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    Had a freind toss a 8# walleye out of the shanty so I could put it were the gulls would not get to it. BUT we had drilled a hole for a tip-up that we didn't use,, and yep,, two flops and right in,, , GONE!
  18. Well if you were at osp the other day you may have herd mine. Ice4life got a nice gill. BUt it swallowed the hook. he asked me for my pliers. so i handed him my $80 leatherman. Next thing you know there is a gill on the ice and a leatherman in the lake. So he was catching fish but not out of the hole that the leathrerman went down. and im not getting any because i am pretty POed. Several people around us may have herd the commotion. So he is a good guy and went to Harbor freight ( greatest store ever) and got a magnet and we tied it to a rope. He kept trying it in the hole it went down but he didnt get it. Then there happened to be a guy walking buy with a camera. So he looked down for us and didnt see it. He said it was mud on the bottom so i thought all hope was lost. But then i told ice4life to try and put the magnet down his other hole. (one that all his fish were coming from) and Got it on like the first time. So apparently a leatherman is enough structure to attract fish. So we learned a valuable lesson. Dont take anything of value in the shanty. And if you are wanting to move around inside close the lid on the floor. And keep your knife and pliers tied to you.
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    MJ515........Hey man....... your story just made my day. Glad you got your Leatherman back. And I'm glad that Ice4life (to coin a phrase) "IS OFF THE HOOK FOR YOUR PLIERS"......THANKS FOR SHARING THIS STORY.....See you guys soon.......jON sR.