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Thieves at Mogadore

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by buckeyemaxx, Jul 12, 2007.

  1. I was fishing at Mogadore Tuesday July 10th with my buddy and his 6 year old. Equipped with a trusty Scooby Doo pole, he showed us how to fish as he pulled in a 24 inch channel catfish using a waxworm and a hook. Anyways, upon returning to the Route 43 ramp to load the boat, I walked to get my truck and noticed that somebody stole my trailer:mad: . I was only on the lake for 3 hours and the trailer was a homeade job that came with the boat. I just wanted to get the word out and let everyone learn from my mistake: Lock your trailer, no matter the value. When I was making the report, the sheriff informed me of two other reports that night of two vehicles getting broken into, one at the 43 ramp and the other at the lansinger road ramp by the boat stakes. If I wasnt fishing with somebody that had a trailer at home to let me borrow, I wouldve been screwed.
    I am now in the market for a trailer. I have a 14 ft MFG Challenger. If anyone is selling one or knows someone who's selling one, let me know. I cant get my boat in the water until I find one:(
  2. That sucks! check local scrap yards you may get lucky

  3. Man that sucks!

    I don't know why any of you guys would risk NOT locking your trailer - regardless of how "worthless" you think it may be. I lock EVERYTHING when I go ANYWHERE! People are azzholes and'd be surprised at what they'll steal.

    I learned this while in the navy - some dumbazz stole my UNDERWEAR and WORE it! YEUCK!
    Wanna know how I caught him? He was walking around in my whity tighties in the berthing area and I said - "where'd you get those underwear?"

    He was like - "they be mine" (he was not EDUCATED - is that better??).......

    I said "oh yeah? Are you in love with me or something??"

    He said "HELL NO - why?"

    I said "because you've got my NAME written on your ASS!"

    That's right - my nickname (MIZ) was written on the butt of every pair of underwear I owned so when laundry came back up they berthing rats would know where to put it - on my rack.

    Needless to say I didn't ask for them back............
  4. Buckeyemaxx,

    Sorry to hear about your luck, but as a frequent fisherman/boater at Mogadore I definitely appreciate the heads up! Perhaps, we can all be more vigilant at Mogadore and other lakes and report suspicious activity to law enforcement to squash the problem!
  5. Lou


    Conceal & Carry!
    And a cellphone to call the Man.
    When you get another trailer drive it to the same place and camp out inside your truck.
  6. I would love catch the a-holes in action, but i know id end up out on the lake anyways!
  7. thats shitty man sorry. i have a boat docked out there off of lansinger rd . and someone stole my paddles and a bucket. i only left for 10 mins, but always keep my boat locked to my dock with 2 locks, but hey man i have a trailer not for sale but if ya need to barrow to get your boat in or out of the water let me know, im always willing to help a fellow fisherman out,


    Nice to see Mogadore is turning into Summit Lake...

    The rubes of Mogadore need to do something to support
    their meth addictions when their not burning a cross or
    tying a noose.:)
  9. chaunc

    chaunc Staff Member

    Come on guys. Let's not let this thread get offensive by stereotyping races. Remember, this is a report board. This is a great site. Let's keep it that way.
  10. I live near mogadore and I'll keep an open open eye for your trailer, could be the theives stole it to haul their loot from another heist.
  11. Hetfieldinn

    Hetfieldinn Staff Member

    Lock it where you leave it so you find it where you left it.
  12. My beloved trailer was black with the "small size" wheels (as opposed to the large ones found on the nicer trailers). The guide boards had the typical green indoor/outdoor carpet. Round lights (they miraculously both worked all of the time) and a newer 2" ball cup that is silver.It has a doulbe gear winch with a strap, not a rope and a brown wheel jack. I realize this description could describe about every other homemade trailer, but here are the three things that make it unique:

    The license plate (i hope theyre stupid enough to leave it on): SNK 5849 ominous plate number for a boat trailer

    Where the hull of the boat rests when on the trailer, there is a blue towel that is zipped tied on. again, probably will be taken off by new "owner"

    The previous owner had welded a small metal plate where the trailer tongue connects to the trailer frame. (he told me it broke on him and thats how he fixed it) The welding bead on the plate is very uneven and spattery.

    I appreciate everyone's help!
  13. fishingful

    fishingful Time to fish!

    what sucks is that if you get a weigh slip and say the trailor is home made you can get tags for it

    sorry 4 ur loss
  14. youre right, fishingful. I neded no title for the tags and the trailer had no serial number so Im not real hopeful of getting it back, but its worth a shot.
  15. About two weeks ago, I was at a garage sale near Walborn. They had a decent looking trailer marked $125 OBO. PM me if you want directions and I can hook you up. I'm fairly sure it didn't sell as it was the last day of the sale, and they were about to close the sale in an hour. Might be worth a short driver for you.
  16. The problem is if they want it they will get it. I always lock my trailer as a deterant but I realize that is all it really is. I broke the key off in my trailer lock this spring and went out and bought a big pair of bolt cutters. I snapped through that lock in about 4 seconds! So, a lock obviously helps but . . . if they want it they will get it. I just hope I am there when they try!
  17. They Will Steal Any Thing Once Out At Berlin I Had My Hook And Safty Chains Stolden I Had To Tie Mooring Rope Wraped Around As Many Times As I Could, This Was At State Park Ramps
  18. I hate seeing posts like this. They seem to be popping up more and more often too. You launch your boat to have a nice day on the water and the last thing you expect is to find your trailer missing or your car/truck broken into. The thieves know that we are miles away (or atleast not close enough to catch them) from our stuff so they see it as easy pick-ins. I would love to see video cameras at these ramps to catch people in the act. If they are going to steal a trailer they need something to haul it with. Once you get their plate # on camera you can track them down. Sorry for the loss of your trailer, hopefully it gets found. Its a sad state of affairs when nothing is safe from thieves anymore.

  19. There was a guy on the bbc website that told a story about his truck was recently broken into while parked at the ramps. I forget where this was at, but he said he put something (for the life of me I can't remember what) under his seat.......and when the thief stuck his hand under there to sweep for items, it cut the crap out of his hand - so now the police have blood to get a DNA sample from. I guess there was blood all over the place - sliced him up pretty good! I get a chuckle thinking about that - some azzhole thief rummaging through someones truck and when he's sitting there, sticks his hand under the seat and WHAM! Gets sliced up not only is there blood evidence, but he's gotta go get stitched up.

    Made me day hearing that!