Thief at Indian Lake

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  1. Well, we wre trolling around and hit a couple back to back and decided to throw a marker bouy out. Big mistake. We had every boat around trolling next to us. To make a long story short, the bite slowed around 11 and we started drifting about 150 yards from the bouy. We then watched an older gentleman in a boat pull slowly past the marker, then back up to it and take it! So we went towrds him and he tried trolling away from us. We confronted him and he denied it. When I started taking his numbers in my phone, he decides to report us to the DNR for harassment. We tried to persuade him to come in to Blackhawk with us to positively I.D. us, but he wouldn't. So when we got in there we flagged down a park ranger and she called in an officer for us. She said she did take the call and we explained what happened and she even laughed along with us. So, if you the THIEF are on here, the bouys go on sale at Walmart later in the year for around $5-$7. I have his numbers but won't post them. But he was in a white or grayish 16' Sylvan boat, and he was probably around 60 years old. BTW, we ended up with 7 keeper eyes that ranged from 1 14 incher, 2 15.5 inchers, and the rest wre 17-18. One 8" crappie also and a few catfish. We only got one keeper on crankbaits and several dinks. All the rest came on Crawler harnesses with half a worm. I don't know the speed, but we were going way slower than everybody else and had 3/8 oz weight. The harness with the best results had a brinze colored blade and purple beads. We got 4 of the keepers on this one, and lost 4 more, 2 just short of the net. The rest were on chatruese and gold
  2. nice job on the eyes.

    Friend got his PFD Seat Pads stolen from his jon boat last weekend while eating at the boat-up mcdonalds. Just proves, theft can happen anywhere, even if the items are worth less than 10 dollars.

  3. I've had at least a half dozen markers of mine taken. Some people have no idea what they are. They just pick them up. I got tired of all of the tards and bought a GPS. No one can take it and no one can see it to crowd around you.
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    Did you have your name on it? Put your name on them and they'll have a tough time proving it's their's. Happens at Mosquito quite often.
  5. i know you're talking about markers, but my friends PFD seat cushions had his last name stiched on them: BILLINGS. So if you see a guy with them, and he's not a 6'4 tall blond guy with a grizzly red beard, tell him Dave B wants his cushions back!!!!!
  6. We could still see it plain as day. and in the traffic jam around our marker we moved off that far and picked up 2 trolling. So when the bite slowed we decided to drift that area.
  7. A rash of thefts have occured where we keep our pontoon boat docked.