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These things only happen to a tagless hunter

Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by Fish-N-Fool, Nov 16, 2004.

  1. I scored on my buck last Sunday; bought a second tag this weekend to continue the hunt. Got a late start Monday morning and was forced to still hunt to my stand which is about 1/2 mile down a thick fencerow. Got to within about 200 yards @ 7:20. I always pause once I crest the top of a small knoll that acts as a vision shield for the game from the road. I looked around for a few minutes to confirm it was clear, then began approaching my stand.

    Just as I started to move again I saw a large buck walk out of the fencerow and start right at me. I froze on 1 knee and to my surprise he didn't notice. He was walking slowly right at me, 100 yards, 75, now 40; he ended up walking to within 15 yards broadside of me before he ever noticed me standing there :eek: He was a big deer; huge neck and chest. His rack lacked mass; it wasn't thin, but most bucks in this area get a lot of mass. He was a 9 pointer, right side broken off at the end. Tine length only 5-7 inches, nothing spectacular, but he was WIDE. Around 4-5'' past the ear on each side! We played the "stare game" for 3-4 minutes at close range before he decided I was too strange for him and troted off into the woods.

    I've been bow hunting for a lot of years - this just doesn't happen to a man with a tag! I think he could smell the "doe only" tag in my pack! :)

    I climbed into my stand & hunted till noon. Managed to kill a big male yote dog @ 9:30. He came sneaking in after I made a series of doe bleats :confused: Saw another small buck around 10 run full speed across a 300 acre field into the woods.
  2. FisherMOM

    FisherMOM Trapped in New York!

    That's what Im talking about.. THAT is why I'd love to Bow Hunt!
    Fantastic adreneline rush moment for sure!

    Wonder if he could hear your heart beating? :rolleyes:

  3. I do agree that those things don't happen to me when I have my just always seems to happen to others that I hunt with. :rolleyes: I went to hunting camp this last Thursday-Saturday. I managed to see every basket rack, half rack, and spike in the county. :rolleyes: Then I did have one dandy come in range when I was at the base of my tree and could not get a clear opening for a shot. I then got to watch him move up through the woods and get stuck by one of my buddies who was hunting a little ways down the woods. The thing is he actually shot and missed and the buck jumped ahead about 15 yards and stopped to look back at whatever whizzed under him. That was his mistake. I never get that lucky. But the real good one is my other buddy shot on the day before. He had pulled his stand in preapration to move since he had been seeing no deer in the area. He was tidying up his stuff from on his knees when he had a nice one come in. He was hidden behind a large rock but could see the rack above. He drew on him as he came around the corner at about 3 yards. Surprisingly he could not get a shot off because the buck instantly went into a crouch much like that of a cougar. He backpedalled out of site behind the rock but then he snuck down to the other side of the rock to get another look from the downwind side. He stepped out past the rock and was stuck at 7 yards! :eek: Talk about a rush. It is one thing to shoot a nice deer in close from a stand but to have one that close on the ground with him and hit him would be awesome.
  4. FisherMOM

    FisherMOM Trapped in New York!

    yes it would Brian. I'd like to see a buck assume the crouch position.
    THAT is interesting!
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