Theres a snake in my truck...

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Fishpro, Jul 15, 2008.

  1. Fishpro

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    My daughter spotted this snake in the yard tonight, and allthough it don't bother me any, my wife said to relocate it.:rolleyes: I caught it, and put it in the back of my truck to take it to a corn field. When I went to let it go, it decided it wanted to have a look behind my bedliner. I went out a few minutes ago, and its head was poking out of one of the square holes in the top of my bed.

  2. Procraftboats21

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  3. Fishpro

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    Yeah, it is. He thought he was a rattle snake though.:D I went to grab it out of the truck, and he rattled his tail against the bed like a rattler. It was neat to see it do that.:)
  4. liquidsoap

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    Very cool.
    Never seen a snake like that before!

    How you going to get rid of it?
  5. Fishpro

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    Its all up to him now. I was just out there, and hes just got his head out looking around. I figure it'll come out by morning. I'll run some water under my bedliner in the morning, and if he's still there, that should chase it out.
  6. Fishpro

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    Heres looking at you.;)
  7. pizza


    beautiful snake!

    you should use it to pull a prank on your wife!
  8. Fishpro

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    I brought a baby garter snake in the house once....only once....I thought she was going to have a heart attack, and there wasn't any lovin' for a long time.:( This snake here only missed my mother in law by about a half hour...I wish she would have come across it.;) She wouldn't have come back for a month :D
  9. Fishpro

    Fishpro Northcoast Madman

    He's out!:D I went out, and he was stretched out across the rail of my bed. I took him into the nieghbors yard and turned it loose.;)
  10. freyedknot

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    is it the fox snake that makes his head wide like a cobra? i seen one do that on kellys island .
  11. liquidsoap

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    Haha this is genius.
  12. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    On behalf of the snake, THANKYOU for not killing it!!

    Thanks for sharing the pictures, cool snake!
  13. No it is the hognose that flattens it head out. The kids found one hit by a car a couple weeks that looked to be at least 5' long.
  14. We kept a fox snake like him once while in college. We had him for a couple of weeks before passing him on to another student. We had him make his way in to our couch once. We had to tear the back of the couch off to get to him.:D They are really pretty snakes. I don't get to see them very often any more. They are rarely seen this far south in Ohio and are very common up around Erie.
  15. Fishpro

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    I would have never done that. They are too cool.:) I told my wife that we wouldn't see many mice with it around, but she said it had to go.:rolleyes: :D
  16. I am always finding snakes in our yard (milk snakes and garters). My wife always freaks and says, "Get rid of it!!!!". I always simply take it to the edge of the yard and and leave it there.:D When she asks I simply say, "I got rid of it." ;)

    I don't like killing them either. They are really nice to have around.
  17. Buick Riviera

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    Cool thread, cool pictures, cool snake. Thanks for not killing him.

  18. Note to self: Replace wimpy Hognose snake with Timber Rattler for next attempt at keeping 'Tucky's wife in the house with him....
  19. I'M a puss...Was on a boat with 3 Lake Erie Water snakes on it.Oh about ....3 miles north-east of Kelleys..Mann was I pissed.I hate snakes........Was ready to start swimming....
  20. snake69

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    And to think all he wanted to do was "go for a ride in the pick-em-up" truck...