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  1. Be careful out there guys. the rut is going on right now. I have almost hit a small buck and a doe within the past week. It also seems that everyone i know is getting in a accident with a deer. so far i know 6 people that have hit one this year. one guy hit 2 deer about a week apart from each other.
  2. Justin S

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    i heard that at an office building in beachwood a big buck was walking by and saw his reflection in the shiney silver windows and charged through the glass, he quickly backed out and ran away. can you imagine that, what a sight.

  3. BigMha

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    i saw one on richmond road just down from charlie's crab and 3 on harvard over by tri-high(CCC)
  4. I hit a deer coming home from work the other day but it was just one of those porcelain ones.
    What a way to wake up. :p
    Kidding by the way.
  5. hardwaterfan

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    a deer wiped out my coworkers wifes car just a few days ago.
  6. There out like crazy in Perry Township. I almost nailed a buck on my way home from the Grand this last weekend.
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    If you’re driving along and see some does run across the road, slow down and be careful even after they’re across. During the rut there’s a real good chance that a buck will soon cross after them.
  8. I see a couple of real nice bucks here in Strongsville every day, One is in a field across the street from my house every morning and is a real nice 8 pointer, The other is a BIG metropark buck about a mile from my house and he dwarfs the one across the street. I drive down Fowles Rd. 2-3 times a day and at times its so crazy I have to stop because there are literally 10 - 20 deer crossing at a time and sometimes there are upwards of 50 deer packed in a 3-5 acre field behind one house.
  9. I saw plenty dead heading down to the Big O this week.
  10. crooked stripe

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    I was following a semi last year when he hit a deer. All I seen was blood and fur all over my truck. It was a strange feeling running over deer parts.
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    i hit one this morning................with an arrow:D