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  1. has anyone seen the super-bowl comercial from Peta "veggeies make better lovers" ? HELL....SIGN ME UP......Oh, by the way, is'nt baby-back ribs grown on a tree?
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    better watch it while you can,cause you won't see it during the super bowl;)

  3. thats what i heard.....but they got what they wanted even without showing the comm. "attention" would think they would spend thier money more maybe, i dont know "getting a job" instead of sitting around thinking of ways to "inproving the lives of cattle"
  4. P.S.....maybe i should spend some time learning to spell allitle better
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    LOL.....or you could use the spell checker like i do:D
  6. my typing could use help as well
  7. This "banned" ad is all over the internet. If in fact vegetarians are better lovers, PETA should have had a small disclaimer citing some scientific evidence. Lacking this, I doubt they ever thought this would be taken seriously, merely a vehicle to create an internet buzz.

    Public opinion of this organization has been sliding in recent years, in my opinion, and with the problems facing the country, moving forward, animal treatment is way down the priority list for most Americans.

    I treat my animals ethically, I don't know your animals.
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    Anyone have a link to it
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    I've seen the commercial and I find it hard to believe that they really thought they would be allowed to show it during the super bowl. I would bet anything that they get more hype by people talking all about the 'banned PETA' commercial. But, on the other hand I find it hard to give that group of morons that much credit :p .
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    well, since the idea of something being "better" is entirely subjective it would completely go against the tenets of scientific experimentation. ;)

    Now, I can give you some anecdotal 'evidence' on the subject having...known a few vegetarians and non vegetarians in my lifetime. of course that may violate the TOS.
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    I would really like to throw the comical side of this into play but I dont think the post would last. Im a Meat eater and My babe has never complained until one week I just ate veggies for the hell of it, She went to the butcher shop and I had Steaks, Burger, Lamp Chops, Chicken, Pork Chops, Liver and all the good stuff, needless to say she's not a supporter of PETA either, no sagging Broccili here;)
  12. to start with....i started this thread to be humorous,because if you take Peta seriously you got troubles...between "sea kittens"(which i hear are really tasty)and the egg-plant licken tree hugger,well enough said....i'm all for the ethical treatment of animals..who in thier right mind would'nt be...BUT dont push your philosphys on me...I'm a carnavoir
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    vegetarians are better lovers. Think about it, if you date a vegetarian look @ all the extra meat that is around for you! :) Gets rid of the competition.
  14. In my experience, vegetarians are NOT better lovers.

    PETA is so rediculous, the things they come up with. Cracks me up though amd keeps me quite entertained.
  15. Veggies are what food eats.
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    btw, being a vegetarian does not mean that someone supports PETA.
  17. i understand that seethe 303....but where does it end.....what about the plants, dont they deserve "ethical treatment"?
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    erm, I dunno?

    I'm not defending PETA! I am defending vegetarians ;) PETA is a bunch of loons.

    for what its worth, I hardly consume any meat and I don't eat red meat at all. It has nothing to do with how the animals are treated, but for health reasons and the fact that most meat just grosses me out. *shrug*
  19. i guess i'll get off my soap box now....i respect all folks beliefs, thats what makes this country great..TOLERANCE....peace to all, vegs. and carnies. alike
  20. I love vegetarians beef, venison, bison, chickens, squirrle, rabbit I love em all