the wrong part of the state?

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  1. :confused: Headed up to NE Ohio for the weekend.

    We caught nice channels – nice largemouth – nice pike – decent chain pickerel - a small mouth - missed (but clearly saw) 3 muskie.

    I feel like I live in the wrong part of the state!

    Leesville & West Branch > muskie lakes than the Dead Sea or Cowan

    Muskingum (sp?) lakes > flathead lakes than anything I know of down here (the GMR does have some good #'s but size doesn't compare)

    “Super secret pike holes” > than any pike I can find down here

    Erie tribs > than the Mad for trout

    My PB Ohio channels, pike, chain pickerel, largemouth, small mouth, crappie, and trout all come from that part of the state – and I have lived my whole life down in SW Ohio!

    What am I missing?

    Now I know I need to learn to fish the Ohio – finally have a boat that should work well for that – maybe that will change my luck….
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    i would like to get up to north east ohio myself... also... i have seen some monster flatheads come out of the gmr down south of dayton around miamisburg. by monsters i mean about 50-60lbs.

  3. this end of the state, particulary the GMR watershed is very un-fertile to say the least!
  4. H2O Mellon

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    Let's get together and start hitting the Ohio.
    Salmonid has a new boat, I have a new boat and you have a new boat, all suited for the Ohio. I'm sure I can get Dinkbuster and Vickie to come along, espically if I offer KFC!
  5. SW ohio has nothing on the NE. I live in ontario and have for most of my fishing career. Jackfish, you are right, the GMR is loaded with numbers of fish and species, but, in NE ohio we have the numbers and size to go with it. It's just better fishing up here. Again, this is all IMO.

    Now, matthew, you are right about south of dayton for flatties. I lived in middletown for a semester in college with my friend. I fished that area like it was my job, and my grades reflected it :>. Miamisburg holds some nice cats, but it's lacking size. I have only heard about 10-12 pound flatties coming from there. But, it's overloaded with carp, medium channels, smallmouth, and some eyes.

    As far as that whole area is concerned and we are talking about the GMR. There are some very good spots around middletown. There is a washed out dam there, btw that's overcrowded, but you can get some nice fish out of there in the catfish season aug-sep.
  6. Now you did it Bryan, Dinks new sig line will be..."Have Chicken, will travel"

    I am all about having some friendly gatherings for cats, hybrids, gar etc this winter on the Ohio. I would certainly feel safer about being on the big water with some friends around.

    Jackfish ( Steve) I certainly agree with you about the NE part of the state with its many lakes and large variety of species to spread folks out vs down here where CC and EF get hammered 24-7 by every Tom, Dick and Harry.

    There are still a few good spots down here to fish, just need to put your nose to the grindstone to figure out where they are, then learn how to catch them, the quality fish will come. MY PB Walleye-29", Channel-10 lbs, Flathead-18 lbs, Saugeye-24.5" and LM - 22.5" all came from the GMR.

  7. Mellon -your idea sounds awsome, I would love to get a chance at the Ohio & it would be alot easier with a few other catguys (esp ones that have experiance on the river) - so count me in. (I'll even pony up for the KFC!)

    Salmonid - there are nice spots to be had, don't get me wrong - but it just seems so easy up there - wouldn't drive me so nuts if I didn't have a brother up there always sending me pics of his fish. (he is my bro, can't let him out-do me!:p )

    Carpman - I agree with your opinion.

    I attached a couple pics of this last weekend up in the "land of many fish" - a 31' pike and a nice doulbe header of channels

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  8. H2O Mellon

    H2O Mellon Hangin' With My Gnomies

    I'm sure Flathunter will come too, that is if he ever gets off these 7 day a week work schedules.