The WEIGHT is over-for MacNair!!!

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  1. :B Looks like someone has come up with an UNOFFICIAL weight for the MacNair fish. The first page of the Ohio Musky Show has a blown-up picture of Dale and his fish. The picture is adorned with some apparent, new sponsors related to the fish AND a weight of 65.25lbs!!!!!!
    *I'd love to know which SPECULATOR came up with that number!!!!!!!!!! Check it out at: :B
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    I believe I saw that weight figure posted on Musky First. It was on the 2nd or 3rd page of the first thread that publicized the catch. I think. I could be wrong?

  3. Critter-
    We'll have to ask him WHO came up with that number at the show. I would love to know. I could see giving it a round number, but where do they get the .25 from????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????!!!!!!!!! That just seems kind of funny to me! :p -Gabe
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    Funny thing, I to checked out the show website today. I wasn't going to go, but I saw the list for the vendors and checked a couple website and now I am thinking about some lures that I just gotta have. lol

    So, I suppose I'll be there.
  5. The weight was determined by one of a couple of fomulas such as girthxgirthxlength/800=weight. Another one is lengthxlengthxlength/3500=weight. First formula is for general fish, the second is for pike. I don't know if they have one for musky.
  6. Siggy-
    I am familiar with the weight calculating formulas but they all say 77+ pounds. How was one of them modified to give the fish such an exact weight on 2 measurements and no rough field weight measurement (digital scale/boga/etc)? This just seems a little presumptuous to me.

    *I guess we'll find out in a few weeks.
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    NOBODY knows the true weight of that fish....and never will, unless of course the fish was tagged and I doubt that. What a shame!
  8. Yea, you are right as I came up with the 77+ lbs also. If you use the northern pike formula, it comes as 58+ lbs? Who knows what it weighed. But, all I can tell you is that it was a pig. I have been around a 51" and 52" fish in the boat, and it was no where near the size of that fish
  9. No matter what the weight of the fish was, that is a muskie of a lifetime, I can only dream of catching one that big.