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The weekend opener

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by WalleyeGuy, Oct 18, 2004.

  1. Spent the weekend working over Killbuck Marsh area.
    Did fairly good both days.
    Here is a few pictures for you to enjoy.

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  2. Killbuck Suday Hunt, Pass shooting

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  3. My new blind buddy Andy with his first ducks.
    A Drake Woodie and a hen Mallard.

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  4. Nice looking ducks :) what are you going to do with them :confused: :)
  5. We going to let them stiffen up with their wings open, then have a lawn dart tourny.
    No, serious, we pan fry the woodies, they the best eatin duck around this area
  6. I Usedd To Love To Hunt Thse Things, But I Only Found A Couple That I Liked To Eat, So I Messed With Them, And Found Out That I Love Them Made Into Jerky. Both Mallards And Geese Are Great Made Into Jerky. I Need To Get My Stamps For My Son And Take Him Out For His First Ducks......later......tony
  7. My buddy has found a great recipie for jerkey made with goose, as good or better than anything from a store. I like most ducks too much to make into jerkey. Every once in awhile we get a mallard or other "good eating duck" that has a strong liver/gizzard taste. I think usually it is the result of over cooking. We have learned to smell the meat when we clean the birds, we can often pick out birds that will have a strong "rich" taste.

    Unfortunately, I don't get as many birds as I would like so i don't get to experiment as much as I want! Other ways we like 'em are marinated and cooked on the grill, medium rare and I also will dress the birds and pluck, brine for a day or so and then smoke them, brushing with some maple syrup/cayenne to get a good coat on the skin.

    Eye4neye- good luck if you go out this weekend with your son.