The V 12/4. Same Old Story

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  1. Outing Date: Thursday 12/4/08 2:00pm - Dusk
    Weather: Overcast & windy at times. Barometer: around 30" (rising)
    Air Temp: Low 30's. Windchill in high teens
    Water Temp: Around 33 - 35 degrees F
    Water Level: Good! Flow was about perfect (IMO) at just over 200cfs
    Water Color: UGLY! Still muddy, with only about 3" visibiltiy
    Fish Species: Steelhead
    Pattern Fished: Steelie & Salmon Spawn Sacks. Maribou Jigs W/ Gulp Waxies
    Pattern Color: All colors of sacks. Dark colored jigs.
    Fishing Quality: POOPY

    Report: I knew that the V would be off color going in, but I really didn't expect it to be that muddy still. River flow and height were perfect IMO, but the water color was still WAY off. The closest I came to a fish was when a nice big colored up buck rolled the surface right next to my float, as if to say 'Nya nya nya nya nya, you can't catch me'. I was just about to pack it up too when that big boy taunted me, then of course I had to stay until dark and try to catch that [censored]. No luck though. I only saw one other angler out on the river, and I didn't see him hook into any either. I anticipate that flow and height will still be very good for Friday 12/5, but I expect that the visibility will still stink. For the weekend, I'd guestimate that the color will begin to become decent, but much of the slower deeper sections will be freezing over. Same old story on the V.

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    Don't ya hate it when "they give you the fin" like that?
    And it always makes you stay and fish another hour...