The V 1/5/09 Report

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  1. Outing Date: Monday 1/5/09 2:45pm-Dark
    Body of Water: Vermilion River
    Weather: Partly sunny
    Air Temp: Low 30's
    Water Temp: Low to Mid 30's
    Water Level: 2.75' on USGS gage. Normal
    Water Flow: 140 cfs and holding fairly steady
    Water Color/Clarity: Murky green. About 12"-14" visibilty
    Fish Species: Chrome
    Successful Patterns: Spawn Sacks in peach, orange, and white. Sucker Spawn in hot pink. Maribou Jig in black over chartreuse over white tipped with Gulp Waxies
    Fishing Quality: Fair/Good

    Report: Okay so the V and I kissed and made up and I love her again...for the moment. Flow and clarity were both decent at the same time for once, and there were active fish to be had. I never had to contend with any slush and I was able to find plenty of open water to fish...I think it will be a totally different story though tomorrow and the rest of the week, and I will once again hate the V. All fish I hooked were holding close to various submerged structures either in the middle of runs or along the seams. Spawn sacks were most successful for me but I also caught a couple on a hot pink sucker spawn and a jig and Gulp waxie. Sure was nice to finally catch fish on the V again...probably won't get to fish it again untill Spring now.



  2. I was going to fish the V tomorrow and I am coming a long way. Did you say it won't be fishable? Please explain and save me a trip if possible. You can PM me if you would like.


  3. You WILL have to deal with MAJOR slush for most of the day, IMHO. Low of 21 tonight :(
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    it was ok today. some slush but nothing that messed with my drift
  5. Nice fish there, I had a rough time fishing the V on Sat. Hopefully ill get out soon and get my first fish of the new year. FFBG