The Tusc

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  1. Anyone been fishing the Tusc. at all lately , I've though about going to either bolivar or dover dam and try my luck but i want to know if anyone else has been out
  2. havent been there lately since its ice season but the river at dover has been looking real good color wise...

  3. We were getting some pike before the last high water. After that high water we were seeing a lot of dying shad and the pike weren't interested in anything.
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    i havent been out on the Tusc in close to 2 months.........i know some guys were getting a few real nice pike from the river around christmas !!!They were using Husky Jerks and Rogues..........the bigger sized baits not the bass sized ones !!
  5. I noticed this last week when I was fishing the spillway below Atwood Lake. I caught a few shad that were in the process of dying and tried to use them as bait, but I didn't entice anything with them.