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The "TP" Report 11/29

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by TeamPlaker, Nov 29, 2008.

  1. TeamPlaker

    TeamPlaker Fishing Deadbeat

    Gerry (CincyGhosthunter) and I gave the muskies the week off... not that it mattered, cause I haven't seen one since early October. We decided to start our day bass fishing (which I haven't done in a few years).. got nothing, decided to head to the GMR to look for White Bass and Sauger... got nothing. Then we decided to fish for Pike. I tied on a bucktail and started working the weedbeds.... about a half hour in and I saw flash and felt the line tighten... thought I had my first Pike... no such luck, a LMB... where were you 2 hours ago? A few hours roll by and I tie on the Gizz4, I feel a slam on my lure, jerk back and start fighting... this time I KNOW I got my first Pike... no such luck, a hefty White Bass... where were you an hour ago? A few casts later I caught his little brother about 3 feet from... well... my feet. Pretty cool, I saw him slam the Gizz, startled me a bit because I was just getting ready to lift the lure out.
    Here are the pics... I could give a rip less about the spot, but I blacked out the background any way because it's probably someone out there's favorite spot. Enjoy.

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  2. I wouldn't mind catchin' them, Jay, those are nice looking fish. We'll have to head up north in april or may and try the headwaters of the GMR for that pike.

  3. Ajax

    Ajax Rapala Snagger

    Nice... those are indeed hefty white bass.
  4. TeamPlaker

    TeamPlaker Fishing Deadbeat

    I may not be able to wait that long, Jim. :)
  5. Way to go Jay, those are some nice white bass.
  6. TeamPlaker

    TeamPlaker Fishing Deadbeat

    Yeah, an unexpected treat at that lake. They love those Gizz lures... well, they love 'em up until you set the hook. ;)
  7. SConner

    SConner Fish Whisperer

    All I managed yesterday was an over sized quillback (a kind of sucker). Looks like you did pretty good this late in the year!
  8. By the way, Jay(and Mean Morone, also), I tried out that Gizz 3 yesterday. Unfortunately the fish weren't cooperative but I love the action and know it's gonna kill in the spring.
  9. Where can you buy these Gizz Baits at?
  10. You can find 'em here. It's truly one of the best actions I've seen.
  11. Nice fish. I haven't had a chance to get out in forever to fish. It's good to know somebody is still doing good.