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    topics guaranteed to get your thread closed:

    10. Poll: Who thinks anyone who eats their catch is evil?
    9. Are kittens a good muskie bait?
    8. Let’s raise taxes!
    7. Misfit is a mean old man who is totally unfair.
    6. Why you should not vote for ___________________ (Fill in the blank.)
    5. Let’s get rid of bag limits!
    4. The Art Modell Memorial Walleye Tournament
    3. What is your favorite religion?
    2. Five good reasons to support PETA:

    And the number one topic guaranteed to get your thread closed...

    1. The top ten topics guaranteed to get your thread closed
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  3. Mushijobah

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    hahahahaha! in before the ignition.

    And ladies and gents...for his 2000th POST! MUSHIJOBAH!!!!
  4. You wasted your 2000 post on that comment...You had 1999 to practice up and that's the best you can do? Congrats. on your 2000th!
  5. PapawSmith

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    Since there has been a recent rash of comedians trying desperately to make their threads go south, lets help this one out with some southern fishing talk. My good friend and I have been talking lately about heading south for a few days to do some good winter Bass fishing. We have talked about several locations but have really decided we would like to try West Point Lake in SW Georgia and Eaufala on the Alabama/Georgia border. Any of you guys ever been there? Have seen some pretty good reports on both these lakes and found some very nice accomodations reasonably priced. Would be nice to hit some good action on a 60 degree day in February. Any thoughts?
  6. What are you fishing for?

    I don't know they area but know some people who could give good information.
  7. honorable mentions to the top 10

    - Hey guys check out these x-rated pics of ____________
    - hourly bumps on classified threads
  8. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    papaw,consider this a warning for intentionally hijacking the thread with a totally unrelated post:p ;)
  9. ezbite

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    come on spring....:) :G
  10. harle96

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    That was pretty cool. You guys crack me up.

    Keep up the good work. This place is great!!
  11. rolland

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    speaking of fishing spots. I want to go fishing in the spring. Can anyone tell me exactly were to go, what time of day, what rod/reel/lure to use, what kind of bait, and exactly where to cast? Any help is appreciated. Good spots only please I don't want to spend all day getting my limit.

    oh ya, im not looking for any honey holes.
  12. Come on rolland, you can't ask that, you have over 3 posts !!!
  13. shroomhunter

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    #1 Reason to get a thread locked down: Call Misfit out on a rule violation in 2 separate threads;)

    Don't mess with the MODSQUAD!!!
  14. Now that is funny! Love the visual!
  15. MuskieJim

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    Blackie is hilarious. Topics guaranteed to get your thread closed. Too much buddy.

    And Rolland, that is also just as funny, if not funnier.

    I am looking to go ice fishing. I just need to know where to go, what lure to use, how deep to fish, what action to put on the lure, and when to set the hook. Not looking for any honey holes though. Thanks. hahahaha.
  16. rolland

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    I know, ive asked the same question 266 times now and still haven't got the right answer. :)
  17. Toxic

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    Spring can't come fast enough! :eek: LOL