The Third Lock

Discussion in 'Stripers & Hybrids' started by Trophy Hunter, Oct 5, 2008.

  1. I've beeen thinking of targeting some wipers on the KY side of Meldahl. I just need a general idea of tackle to use. I have a 10" graphite surf w/ a baitrunner 4500. The rod is rated for 10 - 30lb line and 3 - 6oz lures. I'm thinking the action might be a bit heavy. Most three ounce spoons are huge. I don't know. I'm thinking, maybe, that if I spool up w/ some low diameter braid I could get some distance with a 1 1/2 oz bait? Anybody, have experience with this action rod in that location. That first lock is quite some distance away. I live about 30 miles out so a little help would be appretiated before I drive all the way out. I'd hate to go that far and not be able to reach the fish.
  2. first off, you dont always need that distance, I use a steelhead rod a 10lb, now I dont always reach them and I do sometimes get owned by a big fish. if you load your rod with 20-30lb powerpro you should get the distance, assuming you have good technique. the 3ouncers you use there are all slab spoons, so there really not that big, basically painted or taped hunks of lead with hooks. goodluck if you go.

  3. I aggree about the lite action rods. I use an 8 ft spinnig rod. I don't get out as far as most but at least I know when I hook a fish. A guy next to me had a 10 ft rod and 30 lb test line and he hollers out to me, "I think I got one". A few seconds later here comes a 4 lb hybrid skiing on the surface. To me that is not fishing. I know when I hook a fish. I would rather get broke off and have a story to tell than to over power fish for the cooler.