The Stentch of Rotting Shad (in my Jeep)

Discussion in 'Catfish Discussion' started by H2O Mellon, Jun 3, 2005.

  1. H2O Mellon

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    My lord I dont know what to do. I had a bag of Frozen Shad that Jack gave me on 5/9/05. I've kept them frozen until today. I took them out of the freezer & put them in my Jeep around 8:30AM. I just realized(11:30PM) that I forgot about them. My Jeep smells so bad, I almost puked. It smells OUTSIDE of the Jeep, it smells in my YARD! My wife is about to kill me. Man, I have to ride from Dayton to St Marys in the morning, then Sunday morning drive to Southeast Ohio. Anyone want to car pool to the outing Saturday? :D :D :D I will be living on the LYSOL. I have my windows rolled down they are going to stay down all night.

    I've also been batteling w/ aprox 100 goldfish since a weekeago yesterday. I'm down the the final 4! With all the things you gotta do to be a serious catter, I'm thunking of giving it up! (OKay, we'll maybe not) ;)
  2. rockbass

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    HAHAHA too bad for you! :D

    I have been there before. Just recently, I had a little stench in my truck and realized it was my rain gear......not shad, just fish slime mixed with chicken liver juice and bluegill(bait) is gone now.

    Good luck with the shad smell :D

  3. mrfishohio

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    A lot of guys have done that...
    Switch to carp, they eat the breakfast of champions, so if you leave your bait out, you can call it groceries ;)
  4. johnboy111711

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    mellon, you might want to try ammonia, then vinigar, then febreeze, then some odor eating spray(the best is a stuff that NHL players use on thier equipment) then use oust spray, then use some odor eating powder( like dr. sholl's) and be happy, atleast you can drive with the windows down.
  5. Sounds like you ought to get clyde the gorilla to scap the jeep!!!LOLOLOL
  6. Stop by I have some stuff that kills any and all smells. In the air or on surfaces. I was wondering if we could call your wife and sell her some fresh fish for the Sunday grill. Heheheheheh
  7. mrfishohio

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    If you don't actually have fluids soaked into the vehicle I bet some armorall or a similar product would work well, maybe some of the stuff you sprinkle on the carpet too. Try burning incense with the windows up (safely-don't set your Jeep on fire)
    Anyway, I'm sure you can get it smelling okay again.
  8. crappielooker

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    i remember smelling donnie's weeks old rotten shad at his house.. maaan, you get anywhere within 50yrds of that cooler, and you can smell that stench.. :D
  9. BigChessie

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    Hey AK How about we chat about what my WIFES CAR smells like everytime you get in it!!!!!!
  10. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Bwhahahahahahhaahahahahahah this is an inside joke I'm SURE.