The Stealth Bugger

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    made this up today using some new materials I came across. I used a size 6 3x streamer hook, a 3/16 black bead, black marabou, black bugger chenille over regular black chenille, and a black chinese saddle hackle. made a few extra turns at the front to make a collar like the STS bugger. I think this is my best bugger tied to date!

    I got this bugger chenille and it even would look awesome without the saddle hackle for smaller buggers like size 10 heres what it looks like. you prolly need regular chenille under it to fatten up the body tho if using it but it creates a great buggy look. it also has some pearl flash mixed with it


  2. Nice looking Bugger FA69!!! Thanks for Sharing

    I have been trying my hand at this fly tying and Ole boy...LOL... i need much more practice... This sure calms the nerves down....

    I have (attempted) to tye up alot of, eggs, weighted nymphs and wiggle stones.. i'll get it down sooner or later...

    keep up the great work!!!


  3. Nice looking tie right there. I've watched your patterns progress and have to say your doing a heck of a job bro. Keep it up.
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    thanks guys! just keep at it fishon. it gets easier as you keep tying. one thing I realized is just take your time and if something doesn't look right don't keep going. make sure its right and looks decent then proceed to the next step. I will keep posting more and more patterns as I make them up.
  5. I'm going to need to find some of that wooly chenile. Looks great!
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    got mine from wilderness angler for like $1.75 or something he has free shipping on any order
  7. That's a great looking bugger. I just started tying flies, and I've found olive and black buggers to be a perfect starting point.
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    wooly buggers are sort of an anomoly of fly tying as they are easy to tie crappy and quite difficult to tie really well. and that one my friend does look quite good. I have a hard time finding hackle with the right length barbs for sz 10 pretty much the entire pack has feathers with barbs that are too long.