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the soprano's is over but....

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by iam20fan, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. i think they left it opened for a new season down the road. tony is about to get indicted by a grand jury. i have seen evey episode .
  2. Bubba bass bigfoot

    Bubba bass bigfoot Lucky Fisher, or skilled?

    my parents were not to happy with the ending lol. i though it was pretty good. i knew he was not going to get hit. not just saying that. my dad thought he was. there might be another season. or do ya think they said come to you on conclusions.

  3. i really thought that tony was going to get whacked. i think everyone on the show wants a break to do other things and sometime there will be 1 more season.
  4. Bubba bass bigfoot

    Bubba bass bigfoot Lucky Fisher, or skilled?

    just wondering what do ya think about the 20sec black screen?i thougt it was ok but my dad thought it was more along the lines of a prank. a few sec's ok 10-20 not cool.
  5. i think there is more to come. a movie would be sweet
  6. for a movie. I want a 3 hour movie. That show is GREAT.

  7. In conversation with Tony earlier in the season, Silvio made reference to a bullet travelling faster than sound and if you got whacked, you'd probably never see it coming...

    I think the 20 second blackout was caused by a bullet.

    The episode was brilliant and although I'd LOVE to see a movie, I have my doubts. It's great how they always keep us guessing!
  8. What is a man to do??????? My shows are all thru for the season.

    Desperate Housewives,
    The Unit,
    Boston Legal,
    Grey's Anatomy,
    What About Brian?

    I live for these shows. Is that a bad thing? A grown 61 yr old man? Watching these shows faithfully recording them on his DVR so he can watch them a couple of times maybe?

    Have I really lost it?

    Man I got to catch some fish or something.

    My 2 cents.
    Later,:( :( :(
  9. Someone was whacked during that final scene - the viewer. The viewer has spent over 100 episodes of watching into the "family". Now the viewer gets to see what happens during the whack first hand => immediate go to black => "you never see it coming when it happens".

    Also leaves the door open for the HBO full-length movie.

  10. Precisely,with the exception of the 100 episode thing....there were actually 86.
  11. I agree with the whole "lake conversation" but man did the rest of the show suck. It was soooooo boring, AJ joining the Army? What in the heck! I also believe Chase left the door open for a movie, but I heard that there were 5 alternate endings, and you can buy a dvd (probably this season) with all five endings. I love the way Phil got it......he didn't see it coming. Now it is time to cancel HBO j/k.
  12. I was gonna cancel but then I remembered that the new season of Entourage starts next week!

    Entourage in Columbia = OH LAWD!!!
  13. I haven't gotten into that show don't know why. I liked the episodes I did see.
  14. hopefully vince can make that movie. entourage is why i still have hbo since the sopranos is over
  15. I loved the last episode. Only the Sopranos could introduce a new character who doesn't say a word...and everybody that watched woke up this morning talking about him! It was brilliant-as were the other 85 episodes.

    Greatest show ever.
  16. phil leotardo's death scene was absolutely awesome, Im glad he got whacked.

    and trucked...desperate housewives? lol ;)

  17. Desperate Housewives is awesome. Just place yourself as one of the husbands and ride along. It is a show that y
    You got to watch. Especially when the girls show OFF. Yep, that's what I said.

    Seriously, it is full of surprises.

    What's this "Entourage" show about? Murder, music, Mafia, Love story???? What fellas?

    Should I keep HBO for this or what?
  18. may be too far behind to understand or appreciate what's going on with Entourage.

    It's about a promising young actor (Vinny Chase) from Brooklyn, his struggling actor, overly dramatic older brother and their two life long, best freinds. Eric, the responsible street-smart business minded friend is Vinny's business manager and "Turtle," is the stereotypical white ghetto, pot-head, slacker, mooch.

    Also featured: Vince's slimeball, but true friend, agent, brilliantly played by Jeremy Piven (Old School, Heat, Blackhawk Down, SNL).

    After Vince had one successful, small budget indie film, "Queens Blvd.," he was immediately cast for corporate influenced silver screen rendering of comicbook, "Aquaman" which ended up being a huge hit and eclipsed the earnings of even "Superman" at the box office.

    Even with the success of "Aquaman," Vince and Eric have had only one thing on their mind...a pet project, The Pablo Escobar story...a script called "Medellín." This project has continued to elude Vince time and time again. Throughout the first 3 seasons contracts have fallen through on multiple occasions do to various issues and at this point Vince will do just about anything to make this movie....

    Season 3 ends off like this:

    Vince and Eric pool together all the money that they've made fromn the prior 2 movies, sell the huge mountain-side So-Cal mansion where the 4 friends live and put everything they have into purchasing the "Medellin" script themselves from some money grubbing businessmen that have it out for Vince. With vrelatively no budget to work with, Eric takes on the project as producer and brings back the eccentric, artsy director from their first cult-classic, "Queens Blvd." Meanwhile, Vince's brother, Johnny "Drama", has finally landed a decent TV acting gig of his own after riding his brother's coattails for several years as a result of his last TV acting failure.

    The crew will be travelling to Columbia in season four to shoot Medellin on location.

    More here:
  19. I'm too far gone from it. I thought it was something that just came on this year.
  20. Hey My wife just called and said she knows the significance of teh ending. It is pretty awesome, I am gonna watch again. I will post what she has later if I see everything now. All I can say is watch it again from when they decide where to eat. WATCH CAREFULLY!!!!! AWESOME