The season begins!

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  1. Went out to the long wall at Mentor Headlands yesterday and landed a nice fresh fish. Got another one today. It is still early and the fishing was slow, but it beats the summer I had. Both fish were caught on jig and maggots up against the wall. I only saw one other fish caught while I was out there each day. If you're coming from a long ways, I'd save the gas until the water temps drop some more.

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  2. nice steelhead, what did you use??

  3. nice fish! i can't wait for it to cool down some more up there so i can make a trip home from school to get out after some steelies this year!
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    hey Joel, those are some beauts! congrats man.

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    nice glad to see its almost time again!
  6. Way to go Joel, nice to start the season early. Glad to hear you got out.
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    Has anyone heard how they are doing further east? I wonder if the fishing is any better out that way.
  8. I went further east today. Saw a lot of fish jumping, but no takers.
  9. I fished edgewater, and also the rock just past the emerald necklace. I am originally from the westside but just recently moved to the mentor area. I have heard there are a lot of great silver bullet spots to fish, like the Grand River, and the Chagrin River. After reading some posts, It looks like the headlands is a good spot for pitching spoons in the early stage of the season. Now at the headlands are we talking about that long hike out to the litehouse? Again I am unfamiliar with the my new stomping grounds, and would appreciate some helpful tips.

    Of course I got :S today
  10. i usually fish on the chagrin right near the lake at place called borac's boat landing. it produces some nice steelhead 20-23 inches . it's off of lakeshore blvd.
  11. lakeshore blvd. what side street do I turn on to
  12. If you don't mind me asking , early in season at the spot you are talking about should I be using spoons or jig/maggot
  13. Headlands is a good place early in the season, but it is a LONG walk on some tough rocks. You can hit the Fairport Pier too, which is equally productive. Spoons work, but you'll catch more fish on jig and maggots. It's just a matter of preference for most out there.

    Boracs is a decent place to fish, but you're better off going a little upriver. Much of that area around Boracs is private and you'll get kicked off.
  14. you have to pay $2.00
  15. coming from cleveland i think it's on the right
  16. Very nice fish I am hopeing to be back up by thursday, hope this warm spell won't slow them down.
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    nice fish Joel!!!!! Ive been getting some here and there in the grand but no real numbers yet.... Pm me ur number, i switch phones and lost everyones ####
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    Nice fish Joel keep up the good work and glad you got into them
  19. Nice fish, congrats. We need more rain bad. This dry spell seems like its keeping the fish that are in really tight lipped and in active. The forecast doesn't look so great for a while either.

    Bob, was that you I saw down at the Rock today flipping a twister tail around? Thought u looked familiar but couldn't put my finger on who it was until you had left.
  20. hooked six and landed four the other day.