The Rock at Wallace Lake

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  1. What do the steel do when they get to Wallace lake? Do they swim through to the other side and continue south? Or do they not even make it that far. Never really fished any farther south than Morley Ford. Just wondering what it's like.
  2. liquidsoap

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    They never reach wallace lake, its not connected to the river. They reach lake baldwin which is across from wallace lake. They def. get up to it, not sure if they make it past it or not.

  3. freyedknot

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    i don't think they can make it past that dam on baldwin lake. but they do stock keeper trout in the river south of there.
  4. fishing pole

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    I didnt think they could make it past Berea falls
  5. fisherman33

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    I agree with fishing pole, I have always been told they cant get past the falls