"The return of the cuyahoga" PBS special 4/18

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  1. Doing some work research I stumbeled on the following:

    "The one-hour program, The Return of the Cuyahoga, completed production in 2007, and in celebration of Earth Day will premiere on PBS stations across the nation on Friday, April 18, 2008. In Cleveland, it will air at 9 p.m. Eastern April 22 on WVIZ. Check your local PBS listings to see when it is being aired in your community. More information about the film, including repeat broadcast dates and times, can be found on WVIZ’s Web site." from Ohio EPA home page.

    For more info go to the Ohio EPA web site, and possibly WVIZ or your local PBS

    Show will feature ohio epa staff electrofishing and looks like a really cool presentation of the progress that has been made since the clean water act went into effect.

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    I think I will watch this.....great story

  3. Good Find! Thanks for sharing. I am going to tune in.
  4. All three of the OEPA staff in this film are great guys that know more about fish and aquatic ecosystems than many of the ODNR employees--Especially Roger Thoma.

    I'm looking forward to seeing it.
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    i'll definitely take the time to watch that. thanks for posting.
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    I can vouch for that. Can't wait to see my fellow interns in action!
  7. Mushijoba: When were you an intern? I did it in 99' Absolutly the hardest, fun job I ever had. Somtimes I miss seeing all the fish flashing in my sleep after a late night on the lake.

  8. Did they bring the Cuyahoga's own Jack Kiser in for the video?

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    LMAO Tightliner...
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    I will definetly be tuning in for this show. Its funny you mention Jack Kiser I read a article he had in the Falls Press on sunday. It was all about spinners and the diiferent techniques for inlines, spinnerbaits and fish they catch. One time he also had a buckeye angler episode where he changed an eyelet out and it took up half the episode. Very funny to hear his name again!!!!
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    Boss: I was one in '06 and '07. I am taking a break this year, as I got another internship, but I sure will miss that job. Hard...extremely. Fun...extremely. Slimey..." "
  12. three summers as an intern--that's prety good for a science guy. When I did it in my senior year it was an oddity, at the University of Akron, anyhow.
  13. I wasn't able to catch this show until 4/22. It was fun to watch just because of the local feel that it had too it. It shared some interesting information. Very cool program! I hope Akron takes more steps in helping with the human wastewater problem. I am thinking about ordering it on DVD, since it is supposed to benefit the river.