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The Plantation Motel??

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by twistertail, Jul 11, 2005.

  1. Looking to go up to Lake Erie for a 2 or 3 day trip sometime next month and thought about the Plantation Motel. It wont be a fishing trip, just a little trip with the wife and baby, so how is the Plantation for a little family get-a-way? My wife is kind of a clean freak and will only stay at a place that is really nice and clean. I checked out the web site and it looks like a great place with the little beach area and right on the water and pool and all, and looks nice and clean. I know that a lot of you guys have stayed there for the Hawg Fest so was wondering if its more of a place for fisherman than it is for families. I have stayed at the Sawmill Creek Resort before and its a really nice place but about 3 times as expensive!
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    Personally, I like the Plantation, and have taken the family there twice in the past 10 months. You cannot beat the location, the property, or the price. It's no Sawmill Creek, that is for certain. They do however have houses you can rent, which I believe SC does not. They do have a nice beach area, a firering at the water's edge with all the wood you care to burn, and other things on the grounds for the kids to do. It is not a 5-star place however. It's clean, but a little dated. Just be advised. I would not recommend renting one of their 1-bedroom cottages because of the baby and naps. We've stayed in room 128, which is on the second floor overlooking the pool area. It's a nice two-room "room", with a seperate bedroom that you can close off for nap time. It has a microwave and small fridge. There is also a two-room 'room' behind the office on the first floor that has a seperate sleeping area and full kitchen with stove and fridge that we've stayed at. Either would be fine for you, though 128 is a non-smoking unit.

    In short, if she wants everything spotless and new, you might want to look elsewhere. I think it's an excellent value and would not hesitate to take my family there again.

  3. Thanks for the info Roger. She is always concerned about the cleaniness of any place we stay, we have stayed at some older places that have been nice but also been in a few older places that were not. I'm going to try to talk her into trying this place instead of Sawmill Creek since I just checked the prices there! :eek: I like the sounds of the picnic area and beach and stuff also. I just know that I've stayed in a few places around the lake that are "fisherman friendly" that worked great for me on that trip but would not be too good for the family.
  4. going up to lake erie and not fishing???? :(
  5. Well I might try to sneak a pole in the car!;)
  6. As an FYI they are charging their "summer rates" right now (the Cedar Point effect) and rooms are +/- $80. They charge $40 +/- off-season.

  7. Thanks for tip! I checked the prices and it still was not bad compared to some other places up there, like the Sawmill Creek Resort which is a very nice place and I have stayed there but dont think its worth 200 bucks a night! I think we'll go up on Sunday and stay for a few nights and get the cheaper weekday rates.