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The perfect managed and prospering Ohio deer herd

Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by hopin to cash, Feb 28, 2015.

  1. Would be interesting to know the number of hunters from then til now...had to drop also...saw over 30 deer, with 4 of them being bucks, on my 45 minute drive to work the other day...the deer are still out there, thats for sure.
  2. So they are looking at a draw for non-residents? Imagine the commercials "come to a state where the harvest numbers are down nearly 50% over the last 7 years"!!! I have a sneaking suspicion this will end up benefiting the lease and outfitters.

  3. Three weeks ago, the corn was harvested on the 400 acre farm across the road and 80 acre farm beside my house. Now food barren ground. Ohio farm bureau wants the deer herd held at 250,000 state wide. Drought the last two years have cut mast crops severely in my area. There are only 3 deer in 6 sq. mile of my house. In 2012 EHD hit my area hard. My ignorant neighbor still hunted the three deer left. AMAZING! If You have a good population of deer, God bless YOU, do everything possible to keep it that way. If not, do everything You can to allow it to return.

    I am 100% with Lundy, ODNR interest is not the same as the hunters. Go ahead and listen to ODNR statistics and bag limits, when You should be looking with your own eyes.
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  4. roundheadjig

    roundheadjig Roundheadjig

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  5. No. Most are in high populated areas and have No Projectile Ordinances. Not even a slingshot. These deer are still figured into the population figures. They justify the slaughter by saying the meat is donated to food banks.

    A lot more going on state wide than most people know about. Notice, Snakecharmer did not say ODNR, but National Park Service. They could do the same on Wayne National Forest.
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  6. There are a lot of things that you don't know in that paragraph. 1st you can bow hunt in Avon, there are definitely hoops to jump through but you can. And the is a HUGE difference in a national park and national Forest. You're on the computer spend a few extra minutes and look some facts up 1st then make a post.
  7. It is impossible to cover every municipality in a simple statement. My point is it is being done in many different locations and not in control of ODNR. Solon is a prime example. Now if You want to nit pick my posts, then notice I said most municipalities. As well, national park or national forest is still federal land the gov't can and will do as they want. If the decision to eliminate deer is made the public sure isn't capable of stopping it on either.
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  8. Not going to lie... years ago (200k) plus years myself and my group were eating venison twice a week year round... we bought and filled many tags because the ODNR said the quality of the herd was in jeopardy. We were selective on our private lands but brown down on public. Hell its what was preached to us by the ODNR. The results are in now for our own ignorance. We trusted the biologists and law makers. They were even making diversified wild life ares by totally clear cutting public lands. It was going to make hunting great for years to come!!!
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  9. I will be the last person to thumb my nose in the air. Yes, the public was deceived. Just learn and don't let them trick You again.
  10. 3 deer within 6 square miles???..that sucks...I still see plenty of deer across several counties...seeing it with my own eyes...I do notice a drop in deer movement because of less hunters during the season though...but the deer are still there.
  11. The sun will come up tomorrow...its ok really...go kill a deer.
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  12. I don't understand any of this, during the so called hay days of the deer hunting the odnr were trying to reduce the deer herd. It was never any kind of a secret it was and always has been the plan. The whole idea is to have enough deer to hunt and few enough deer that there is not an economic strain on the farmers or people driving in their cars. It was and still is the whole point of the management system. The odnr has meetings open to the public every spring and they wait get this ENCOURAGE people to attend and give their thoughts. I encourage people that have opinions to please go.
  13. Lundy

    Lundy Staff Member

    I have never understood how hunters blame their immediate local deer populations levels on the ODNR. The ODNR didn't shoot any deer.

    You would think that any hunter or group of hunters would have a much better understanding of the population on any given piece of land they hunt than the ODNR would. The ODNR, the same ODNR that has never set foot on the property you hunt tells you that you have too many deer and to shoot more and you do it because they said to? It is really difficult to understand how anyone that is even remotely educated about deer populations of the land they hunt could so blindly follow a directive that was counterproductive to their now loudly stated whining of wanting more deer because they killed them all. They now want the ODNR to now fix what the ODNR didn't break to begin with, they did.

    "We were selective on our private lands but brown down on public. Hell its what was preached to us by the ODNR"

    This begs the question of why were you selective on your private lands but not on public lands? Was the ODNR directive different for private harvest versus public?.Of course not in fact it was just the opposite.

    " The ODNR made me do it" , no credibility, sad and funny at the same time
  14. We did they listened... less permits last 3 years but the damage was done... haven't shot a doe in 3 years trying to do my part. Don't miss the point that this is hunter forum. I believe the farmer and insurance company forum is
  15. Lundy, the local deer around my place have not recovered from EHD, but some people just are not diciplined enough to not hunt them for awhile. If the ODNR would allow deer season all year with no bag limits, there are people who would hunt to the last deer was killed. Look what has happened in the past.
  16. Lundy, I can't believe anyone can blame hunters for what has been done to our public land deer herd. In my opinion anyone with an open mind can understand the reason why we set limits is to control hunters for the best interests of the game and fish they seek. Imagine Lake Erie with no Walleye limits. Same with ducks. We sportsmen need protected from ourselves like it or not it is a fact.To blame hunters makes no sense. You can blame the land owner/farmer that can control what comes off his private land but public is a free for all and without limits you get what we got. A resource that has been over harvested and an agency that does not care!
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  17. Last time I checked ODNR was a government organization funded with my tax money and wild life fees. I could only assume they had hunters, farm owners and unfortunately insurance companys in mind when setting limits. They had the latter in mind but never the hunters. You posted for years how you controlled your private land... so your saying the millions in ODNR salaries isn't necessary?
  18. Lundy

    Lundy Staff Member

    ABSOLUTLEY they had hunters in mind when setting those limits. Hunters were the only means to the end, they could do nothing without hunters killing the deer. They counted on masses of hunters just like you. They had you in mind when they set those limits. They named it the hopin to crash the deer population program

    They set limits with whatever evaluation they choose to use and you said "myself and my group were eating venison twice a week year round... we bought and filled many tags"

    Allstate was in good hands with you.

    I don't care that you were part of the problem then I only care that you complain so loudly now but with no personal accountability about the situation you complain about.
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  19. Pooch


    I sit and read these post and absolutely love how certain people , not saying just in this thread, are uneducated to all the workings that goes into odnr's processes on managing not only wildlife but all resources, and continue to bitch and complain about EVERYTHING. ODNR has a website and headquarters where you can visit for an application or submit your resume. I don't claim personally to know more than odnr in the field or the office that's why I work heavy construction. But hey from what it reads lately in way too many threads is if alot of the people here complaining and saying they know more than the state all applied and were hired we'd have the best management of resources in the country. Go ahead and jump me now.
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  20. Flathead76

    Flathead76 Carp53.65

    I love how these blood thirsty hunters blame the ODNR for less deer. Just because they say you can kill "X" number of deer does not mean that you have to. Not only did these hunters slit thier own throats by slaughtering every antler less deer they could they also padded the ODNRs pockets 24 dollars each time they did it. The state didn't kill these deer greedy hunters with zero self control did. The best part is they never made it a secret that they wanted the herd reduced. They knew exactly what was going to happen when they set high limits. So instead of looking in the mirror as to who is to blame these hunters point fingers at the state. If the state next year said that we could kill 5 antlered deer a year these same hunters would do it. Then the following year after that they would cry about not seeing any mature antlered deer. Some people just can not open thier eyes. The only thing that you can control in life is what you do.
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