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The perfect managed and prospering Ohio deer herd

Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by hopin to cash, Feb 28, 2015.

  1. And then bragging how your 15 year old can jam 2 handed. LOL!!!
  2. It's a little difficult to take a child deer hunting EVERDAY when there's no open gun season.
    I guess I just fail to see the problem with letting children hunt a few days before 650000 adults hit the woods.
    Just because a child kills a deer in youth season sure doesn't mean they couldn't Hunt Opening Day of the regular season but My children normally had school on Monday.
    Good luck and Good Hunting
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  3. Find it humorous that every sarcastic statement on OGF comes with a yak on the avatar... js;)

    Yes I am concerned about the deer population...
    Yes a youth hunt is good thing... we have lost so many hunting traditions over the years to so called technology etc... maybe it is time to try and start some new traditions...:good:
  4. Lundy

    Lundy Staff Member

    I am not a huge proponent of a dedicated youth season and doubt that it has any lasting impact on keeping a youth interested in hunting as he grows older. There was no youth season when I was growing up or when my son started hunting with me. I created a youth season for my son by taking him out of school to participate in the first day of the deer season.

    I would really like to see the deer gun season open on the Saturday after Thanksgiving and run for 9 days giving everybody 4 weekend days to hunt. If the kids can hunt with everybody else on an Saturday opening day it would be better than a dedicated youth season in my opinion.

    The dynamics involved with instilling the tradition of hunting in our youth is a much more complex problem than just giving them 2 days of season.
  5. There are such places (close to some of my areas) but I am speaking more broadly about my entire county. The decline is not at one farm or one area that I hunt. And I'm not saying that we are free of deer.

    I have seen the full cycle from almost none to over run back to only a few. When I started hunting it was buck only and there were very few hunters (even fewer bow hunters). Many of which only caught a glimpse of a buck.

    Then in the late 70's and early 80's it was coming on. They started giving out doe permits lottery style (they might not have been the county that you lived in). Then came the either or tags. Then multiple either or tags and so on.

    In the late 80's and through the 90's Jefferson County was always in top 5 for deer harvest. I saw more out of state and out of county plates than you could believe. Most didn't have permission they found a place to park and went into the woods to hunt. And for the most part people didn't care (we knew they would get they're deer and go home).

    Mid 00's is when I noticed that there just wasn't as many around any more. Folks on here belittled me big time when I mentioned it, IE: "I didn't know how to hunt", "I was caught up in old habits" and so on and so on. "There were plenty of deer" and "There's nothing to worry about", "I needed to change my methods".

    Well it took several years but now the sky is falling for others around the state. And yes there are pockets of deer in places, some seeing plenty and they couldn't be happier but let the "Orange Army" find out where that is and they will come and help with the over population problem in your area.

    I'm not sure if it's some kind of cycle, over harvest, coyotes, disease or a combination of everything. But right now (around here anyways) it seams like we are back in the late 70's early 80's.

    The deer are still here but not in the numbers they were. I stopped harvesting doe a couple of years ago (to try and do my part). But I'll say it again "Don't think it can't happen where you are" , that's what we all thought.
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  6. I think the idea of a youth season is its safer than gun season amd I agree.
  7. Well said Lundy. And that's how most of us grew up, learning and hunting with adults that took the time to show us.

    When I look at some youth hunt photo's and see a small child with a buck of a lifetime. When the gun is as tall as they are, what exactly is this teaching the young one ?
  8. I sure can't see the downside of a youth season. If a child isn't successful in the youth time frame --take him or her on opening day .
    Every young Hunter(many) I've had experience with looked forward to youth waterfowl, the youth upland season and the youth deer hunt, almost like a Birthday, their special day. Maybe you made the sacrifice to take your child or grandchildren on opening day but sadly, Many won't and the young Hunters loose out.
    I would like to see the youth season stay in mid Nov and not moved to Oct, giving youngsters a Good chance for success. I know some bowhunters don't like this time for the Hunter but IMO the have plenty of days to hunt.
    Good luck and Good hunting
  9. A memory of a lifetime. My first buck during youth is the greatest memory of them all. Having my dad by myside is priceless.
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  10. Exactly ! I'm willing to bet it's your fathers Greatest memory also.
    The more time you can spend together In the field the better.
    Youth harvest numbers remain fairly low and I would think youth season has little impact on herd numbers.
    Good luck and Good hunting.
  11. buckeyebowman

    buckeyebowman On the back 9 and loving it!

    I'm sorry, but you took my meaning entirely wrong. And if your 15 year old can't get the ball up to a ten foot hoop then something is extremely wrong! I'm talking more about 8 to 12 year olds, and I have no problem holding a special season for youth.

    You have some good points. There's nothing that makes a day more "special" for a kid than being allowed to play hooky from school! And your idea of the "double weekend" with a week in between has merit. As long as the "extra" weekend is eliminated.

    However, one place your argument falls short is your idea that we're only giving youth a 2 day season. You could take your kids, or grandkids, hunting during the youth season, and take them out again during the regular season no matter how it's constructed. After all, there are no rules prohibiting youth participation in such seasons.
  12. Lundy

    Lundy Staff Member

    Certainly wasn't implying that they only get two days, just stating that them getting an extra two days won't make any difference in a youth developing and maintaining the desire to hunt. They will either get it or they won't

    If they are hunting with dad Sat, Sun of youth season or Sat Sun the first two days of gun season shouldn't make a difference.

    Youth or no youth or when it would occur really makes no difference to me either way. However to hang the future on hunting tradition on a youth season is a little over stated
  13. All the kids in my area look at it like a holiday. Its talked about in school and has a big build up. Its their piece of the pie. I would have to think kids who have shown no interest in hunting may over hear other kids talking and ask their parents to take them hunting. Then at lunch time at the local eateries is a bunch of kids talking it up. It does nothing but good for hunting.
  14. It sure can't hurt . Most young Hunters I known , as Ostbucks pointed out,consider it "Special.Just another tool in the box of ''tricks'' to get kids hooked. Kinda like the Cherry on top of the Sundae.
    Another good thing about youth day --- what about the poor dad who can not wiggle of work on Monday to take a youth hunting or has multiple children to take hunting😏. Youngest hunts youth day and maybe the older goes on the opener.I hear Many hunters complain about working the opener.
    Some just are unable to go and kids don't get the opportunity. I'm all in on all the youth events.
    Good luck and Good hunting
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  15. We all have our opinions of youth season, but if you want to do some good for our youth and hunting, take them video games away and throw them in the trash. Why would a kid go outside when it's cold, when they sit on the couch and play "Hunt" ?
  16. Snook

    Snook "Take a Fish Boating"

    My best hunts ever had been on the youth hunts. I really like the fact that the primary focus is on them. I think it gets more kids in the woods because folks are available to take them that otherwise may be hunting themselves. Not all kids have a father or family member that hunts. The only thing I would like to see change is there be a one deer limit. Most kids are very happy shooting "a deer". I don't think shooting 2,3 or 4 deer makes them any happier. I have always practiced this with my son. IMOP shooting up the woods...even though it's NOT a good practice to teach our youth. Just my opinion.
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  17. buckeyebowman

    buckeyebowman On the back 9 and loving it!

    There are pros and cons to each position, but I tend to lean in the direction of giving the young'uns their shot. It doesn't impinge on us very much, other than time, which is the most precious wealth you can spend in the raising of a child.

    As Lundy said, "They will either get it or they won't." Back in the day my best friend was one of 4 Sons. His Dad hunted. Particularly rabbits over a brace of Beagles. But, he hunted everything and fished as well. Of the 4 Sons, two of them "got it" and two of them didn't. At any rate they all turned out to be successful in their own right.

    But back then there weren't so many distractions. We were outside constantly. Our parents had to come chase us indoors, not chase us outdoors! In Summer we'd play basketball all evening under a street light on a hoop we had mounted to a telephone pole. When the nightly news signed of at 11:30 our folks had to yell at us to get in the damn house!

    It's not like that any more.
  18. Things are getting better by the year!!! '14 -175,801, '15- 191,503, '16- 188,329, so far in '17- 154,000!!! lets all
  19. Celebrate what?..less hunters??
  20. From 2007 news release

    Ohio deer hunters took a record 237,316 deer during the 2006-07 hunting season and for the third year in a row the harvest surpassed 200,000, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Division of Wildlife. The total number of deer taken was 13 percent above last year's season total of 209,513.

    Ahhhh the good ole days!