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The perfect managed and prospering Ohio deer herd

Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by hopin to cash, Feb 28, 2015.

  1. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:This thread is for all those tired of the whiners and just want to talk about the great job being done in managing Ohio's deer herd with out sorting through all the negatives in other threads. Have at it guys and enjoy the bountiful deer herd provided to you by the fine efforts of the ODNR. The quality and quantity of the herd is exactly where we want for years and years to come.;););)
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  3. Flathead76

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  4. Lundy

    Lundy Staff Member

    The ODNR is very good at deer management.

    They have stated their intentions to reduce the population from what it was in 2008, 2009 and have effectively done so easily with the hunters gleefully participating.

    Many of these same hunters (the tools of the ODNR management plan) that enjoyed the higher populations and partook of the higher bag limits are the ones now crying the loudest.

    Can the ODNR manage the deer herd effectively, you bet they can, they have proven that beyond any doubt.
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  5. kayak1979

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    LOL Every single complaining deer population thread starts with hopin2cash
  6. MassillonBuckeye

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    Can you make this HopintoCash(*) signature? haha :)
  7. The loudest criers also harvested doe's in the last couple years.
  8. fishingful

    fishingful Time to fish!

    I would be happy with getting one a season. Struck out the last 2 seasons.
  9. Hoping that I see more deer this year.
    Hoping the DNR does not have a second gun season.
    Hoping EHD does not run rampant through our state.
    Hoping that deer are managed on private and public lands separatetly.
    Hoping that more public ground and hunter access to private ground increases.
    Hoping I am able to think positively while I watch the neighbor trespass on our property.
    Hoping that hunter recrutement increases to save our fine sport.
  10. FAB


    Well I for one am quite pleased, I saved a ton of money on ammunition and the barrel of my rifle is clean as the first day of season. And short of a quick oil swab I didn't have to touch it. Didn't have to wash blood out of the bed of my truck or clean up my deer cart. Or make those trips to distribute processed deer to moms with kids that really needed it. Oh well like the good "Browns Fan" that I am, "There's always next year."

    Thanks Mike for a wonderful trouble free deer season.
  11. kayak1979

    kayak1979 Banned

    No complaints here. Killed one buck and two does. Saw many more does and bucks after as well on trail camera. Life is good thanks ODNR.
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  12. I just want an antler restriction that isn't enforced for special youth only seasons to try and even up the buck to doe ratio. I would love to see more bucks during the rut and also see more kids getting the opportunity to harvest bucks.
  13. Im not a fan of antler restrictions
  14. Right now it seams that the our state has pockets full of deer and places where deer are thinned out. The county by county way of managing is probably a good thing but IMO the process is too slow. By the time they cut back on tags the area has already been depleted.

    I surly would not want that job, trying to appease, the farmers, the insurance companies and the hunters.

    I'm in Jefferson County and we used to be over run with deer. You could go into any patch of woods (in the 90's and 00's) find a trail sit down and expect to see many deer pass on that trail usually within the first hour or so. Now if you can find a good trail you might sit there for a couple of days and only see 1 or 2 come by.

    I sit here and read the stories of people that see next to none and others who are still seeing plenty.

    My warning to those who see a lot of deer now: It used to be like that here and no one would have or could have ever imagined that it would become the way it is now, few and far between.
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  15. buckeyebowman

    buckeyebowman On the back 9 and loving it!

    Excellent points. There are still plenty of deer around my buddy's place and it's not for lack of hunting pressure! He's had permission to hunt the farm behind his place for about 50 years. Another local farming family, and their friends, also hunt it but only during gun season. They bring about 3 truck loads of drivers and standers! Last season they pushed the farm twice, Tuesday and Saturday. Tuesday they bounced 2 doe, got none. Saturday they saw nothing. Saturday evening my buddy and I decided to take the portable spotlight down back just to see what was around. There were 10 deer in the picked cornfield behind his house! Where'd they come from?

    My BIL has permission to hunt a large farm in SE Ohio. There's a creek valley with pasture, some crops (corn for cattle), and timbered ridges on either side. The last outbreak of EHD down there whacked the deer hard! The creek dried up to few pitiful mud holes, and all the little feeders coming off the ridges were bone dry! We went down for the first 3 1/2 days of gun last season and saw one deer! Yet, there was a lot of sign. Rubs, scrapes and tracks galore, but we didn't see them.

    That area's deer population has been knocked down, or "depleted", to use your word. It's been coming back slowly. The thing about deer populations is, once they hit a certain "critical mass" they can grow like topsy! I'm all for the county by county management and reduced limits. I think the ODNR realizes that they've knocked the herd back and need to let it grow a little in some places. We'll see if that's the case when the actual regs come out.

    What really interested me was in the title of the post. The "perfectly" managed deer herd! Unfortunately, there ain't no such thing. Not in the real world anyway. No matter what you do, somebody's going to bitch about it, as you alluded to. For an example read about the early "management" of Yellowstone National Park. Nobody knew what to do! They had all kinds of ideas, but no one really "knew"!
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  16. I am yet to understand the need for youth seasons at all. If you have a kid, everyday should be youth season.
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  17. My question to you is this. Do you have any adjoining properties who do not allow hunting? If the answer is yes, go there, and I bet deer will trample you.
    All about the access thingy.
  18. It gives our youth hunters a chance to gun hunt with uncrowded conditions and before deer are highly pressured. I am a huge proponent of the seasons and see the proposed change as selfishness. Let the kids have some fun now and they are more likely to stick with hunting in the future. Just my opinion.
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  19. My point is, that as a parent, you shouldn't put your hunt ahead of a kids. If you can't sacrifice your opener for your child, THAT is a sign of selfishness. Every day of the season should be "youth day" if you're a parent.
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  20. buckeyebowman

    buckeyebowman On the back 9 and loving it!

    It's kind of like having a basketball hoop 8' high for the young'uns.
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