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The passing of a true legend.

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by esox, Aug 30, 2005.

  1. Elwood "Buck" Perry passed on August 12 at the age of 90. He developed and then patented the "Spoonplug" in 1946. He also developed the "Spoonplugging" technique, which was banned from professional bass events after the first season's B.A.S.S. tournies when Ray Scott complained to Perry that the Spoonpluggers were winning all the events. Perry said, (I suspect tongue in cheek), that the only way to prevent this was to ban trolling. Tragically, Scott took this advice and bass tournament angling has been dumbed down ever since.
    A retired physics professor, Perry was the first to coin the terms, structure, breaks, breakline, and many others that are used today. He was the first to determine that speed and depth control were paramount in locating and catching fish and that things such as color, size, action, etc. were merely aids. He and a buddy mapped nearly all of the St. Johns river in the 1950's. It took them one summer and there wasn't a sonar device between the two of them. It was all done using Spoonplugs. The booklet, which never did sell well, was discontinued after one publishing. Today it's considered the Hope diamond of fishing collectables.
    Deemed "The Father of modern day structure fishing" by George Pazik, editor of Fishing Facts at the time, and "one of the 25 most influential anglers of all time" by In-Fisherman, his accomplishments are to numerous to mention.
    His passing is a true loss. We'll miss you Buck...
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    Spoonplugs are a great lure. I use them but only buy the largest for getting down deep. In 1984 I was using a fluorescant orange with black spots when I caught the then state record tiger Muskie at West Branch. I had seen the fish suspended at 20 feet and made a couple passes over it when it hit. Spoonplugs are outstanding. I have caught many Muskies , Stripers and Walleyes on them. That's too bad about Buck. He taught all of us a lesson in structure fishing.