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  1. Sorry, didn't mean to step on the other first boat question.

    What advice would you guys have for me? I am thinking about getting my first boat and think a Jon Boat would be just the ticket. I'm thinking just under 14 foot with a 9.9 HP or below engine. I want cheep, easy to maintain and tow, and able to carry three persons. I would use it at Ceasers Creek Lake, and Kiser mostly (yea I know Kiser's elect only so I'd want a trolling motor too). As for the gas engine, I'm thinking small and light weight. Slow is fine. I want something I can stand up in if needed so stability is important. In looking at Craigslist (I want used) I've seen some around $700 that look ok. Any advice please...and thank you.
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    A 14'er is a little small for three people.
    My 14'er is large for a 14' boat but casting is a pain when three people are in the boat unless you are left handed sitting in the back and your two buddies up front cast right handed...
    Get a 16' jon boat and go no lower than a 9.9. A 25hp would be better.

    A deep V would be better than a jon boat.

  3. I agree with Lewzer 100%. My brother had three average-sized people on his 14ft. jon on Dale Hollow a while back, & his Draft could not have been more than 6 inches. That's the distance from water to boat rim/edge. It's too much weight for the vessel. Be sure to pay attention to the rating sticker on every boat. Get a V-bottom for more stability, better rough-water ride, & safety.
    I sent a PM to you, I thought.
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    3 people in a 14 footer can be tight, especially if everyone is casting at once. However, as far as boat choice goes, a flat-bottomed boat will provide better stability. Just like a tri-hull boat is more stable than a V-hull, the johnboat will be more stable than the V hull. However, it will ride rougher in waves and it may be a wetter ride. However, with a 9.9 you're not going to be a speed demon out there and for the majority of smaller Ohio lakes, the boat will do fine. Take into account also that all three people will have more room as the hull does not narrow much as you move forward. Have you ever fished all day from the front of an open deep-V boat? It's not comfortable as the floor is angled as the bow narrows. You don't suffer from this in a john boat. The johnboat will also draw less water than will a comparable deep-V.

  5. I would recommend that you look at as many boats as possible. Check out all the styles (jon boat, deep V etc.) that you're considering. Get in them with one or two other people to see if the boat will meet your needs as far as size etc. Three anglers in a small boat can be a risky situation. Make sure you check the capacity tag of any boat you're considering and don't forget to add up the total weight of persons, motor and gear. I would recommend that your most important consideration be that the boat will meet your current and future needs. You'll wind up saving money over the long run by buying the largest and best equipped boat that you can afford. Many local dealers have used boats and the service, support, and advice that a reputable dealer can provide is worth it's weight in gold.
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    get a plastic canoe from dicks, and a trolling motor. get the green one with the cooler, square back, you could put 3, 2 or 1, they a super tough, have beat the heck outta mine, you can fish cowan,kiser, and cc in the same areas as a jon, also you are right close to the little miami river, and you can canoe down that sucker.
  7. Thanks for the comments. Lewzer you hit it on the head, Im a lefty. napsax, sorry I didn't get PM. And the comments on checking out the ratings --I will ! Sleprock, I've already got a standard canoe and I assume I cant put a troller on it.