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I was able to find 3” (measured) yesterday on a NEO lake. Ice firmed up really well and getting on was no problem. We also found no sagging or soft spots spudding out. Had the safety shammer of 2020, Swone join me. After trying a few spots with a lot of lookers, Swone pulled in a real nice perch. I ended up moving a little closer to him and we put a little smack down on perch for a couple of hours. We were fishing in 10ft of water with the perch all coming on a pimple, perch talker and a few tungsten jugs all tipped with maggots. Fish shut off at dark and the shad moved in. Ended up with 9 perch and 1 nice gill for the pan tonight.

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Nice job. 👍

I'm guessing you guys didn't have to drill too many holes?

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Great day on the water with @kit carson!
Didn’t catch any wales but slapped some dinks up pretty good. An caught a nice buzz. Bite was tough ice was 3ish” nice an firm 8ft as visibility. Shore ice fantastic. Saw several ogf guys outgetting their ice on. 🤘 Nice seeing everyone today @Fish2Win thanks for the loaner battery your such a swell guy! 😉

Had so much fun today might have to do it again tomorrow! 🤘🎣💪😎🤘🕺
4141 - 4160 of 4264 Posts