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  1. Saw Ted Nugent at the house of blues tonight probably the best concert i've ever been to!!! thought i saw another ogf hat anyone else there?
  2. I seen him a few times back in the 80s both solo and with Damn Yankees he does put on a good show, Im wanting to think he is booked into Columbus sometime this summer.

  3. I saw Ted at Camp Doha (Kuwait) in 2004. I'm a big fan, I think he is a great American for traveling to that **** hole and visited the troops.
  4. I was there (no OGF hat). I was parked about ten feet in front of center stage. I've seen Ted numerous times since the mid seventies, and this was easily his best show that I've seen. He seems to get better with age (he's 59 years old), and it appears that he has an endless supply of energy.

    The only downside to the show was the fat, drunken idiot in front of me with the sweaty head that I had to keep pushing forward so he didn't fall on me.
  5. yeah it was amazing..we were right infront the light and sound booth..first time i've ever been to the house of blues pretty nice and CLOSE!
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    Uncle Ted is going to be in Ft. Wayne this Wed. at Pierre's. The local station is giving away tickets so hopefully I can score some. I've seen him live twice and would love to go again. Ted is releasing a new album June 23 called Love Grenade. It is produced by Jack Blades from Night Ranger and Damn Yankees so I am looking for it to rock!
  7. yeah he played the song Love grenade it was awesome
  8. Now you know how all those people sitting behind you at the Metallica concert(s) years ago felt.

    People say Ronnie James Dio is 64 or 65 years old...I just can't believe that. I hope I'm still trucking like that. I saw the Huge Nuge about 6 or 7 years ago at Nautica with Slaughter, Quiet Riot, and Night Ranger. Since Night Ranger was there they even did a few Damn Yankees songs with the Motor City Madman. He had a big black bear on stage that had red laser beams for eyes. And of course he shot his guitar with a flaming arrow at the end of the show.
  9. Another old timer that still gets it done is Lemmy. I saw Motorhead 3 years ago in Detroit and could not believe the awsome show they put on.
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    awwwwww yeah LEMMY :D
  11. Should do a poll and ask how many of the regular posters on here actually have a clue as to who you guys are talking about...

    Man...those band names bring back some memories...


  12. Point taken.

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    hey het, any relation to you???
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    I've got a clue ;) Does bring back good memories :D WB
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    Judas Priest good call!!!
  17. Canton Civic Auditorium, early 80s. Didn't even know that they held concerts there before that show. Krokus opened. One of the loudest concerts I have ever attended that wasn't motorhead. That place wasn't designed for music like that...