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The Night Befor Christmas by Shortdrift

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Shortdrift, Dec 16, 2004.


    Twas the night befor Christmas out on the lake, when all of a sudden the ice started to break.

    Me in my shanty began drifting away, right over a school; of Saugeye…..HOORAY!

    My gold and green Vib-E did vibrate just right cause in a few moments I had a good strike.

    Setting the hook as strong as I dared, the thin six pound Fireline hummed in the air.

    I fell to my knees alongside the hole, hoping to see what was pulling below.

    Unable to see I let loose with a holler in hopes that a GFO’er with a gaff would soon foller.

    As no one arrived and line I was gaining, my hopes of success was rapidly waining.

    When what to my eyes did suddenly appear, but a pair of eyeballs with a deep glassy stare.

    Now what can I do, should I reach down the hole and grab those sharp teeth, or risk pulling it up through the hole at my feet.

    While memory’s old of large fish that were lost raced through my head, my drag started to sing and I felt I was dead.

    The bow left my rod and the line did go slack, when all of a sudden the eyeballs were back.

    Up through the hole she came like a missel and flopped on the ice, then started to wiggle.

    I reached down and gently picked her up in my hands and admired the catch, at least thirty inches, wasn’t it grand.

    All of a sudden I started to shake as I thought about all the small fry, she could make with a mate.

    So taking her quickly back to the hole, I watched as she swam to the black depths below.

    As I knelt there with eyes closed I started to think, how Nobody would believe that it wasn’t a Dink.

    Suddenly there was a terrible thump, the ice started shaking and I thought I was sunk.

    I opened my eyes and looked out ahead and what did I see but the foot of my bed, with a little boy jumping around like a deer yelling WAKE UP GRANDPAW, CHRISTMAS IS HERE.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All.
  2. Great Story Shortdrift. Happy Holidays To You As Well.

  3. crappielooker

    crappielooker The Corn Chucker

    nice one until the GFO bit.. :D :p
    happy holidays to everyone too..
  4. HAHAHAHAA... Enjoyed the spin....
    Back at ya Ron "MERRY Christmas to you and yours"
  5. Hope you enjoy the holidays as much I enjoyed reading your story. I think it would make a great "sticky".
  6. Well done Shortdrift! Wish I had dreams like yours:p !
  7. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    Good one Shortdrift.
    When you mentioned the eyes popping out of your ice hole all I could think of was Corey fell in for some reason. I was waiting for the frozen beard line.;)
  8. Good story and be glad that when you woke up it wasn't a bunch of OGF boys jumping on your bed, what a nightmare that would turned into.
  9. For those who missed this Night befor Christmas.
  10. Good read shortdrift... and to all a good night!