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The Next Northeast Ohio get together!! Mark a Map Day

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by KSUFLASH, Oct 25, 2004.


    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    Here is the question to all whom would be interested in this sort of thing. What I was thinking is this. One weekend those who wanted to go out to a lake for a few hours and scout spots with their Fishfinders, GPS, Cameras, Vexilars, Aquaviews and supplied lake maps by me, then later on in the day probably about 3 hours or so, meet back at the launching ramp and turn in your info, then I would compile everyones findings into 1 nice map and then mail you a copy of it along with pictures of the area and GPS numbers for those who gave them. I was also thinking of incoorporating something to the effect that you had a nice piece of reference material for a lake, as well as a fishing log/journal page(s) at the end. All you really would need to bring is yourself, your boat, and a fish finder. All the other methods of marking spots are just bonuses. What the purpose of this get together would be is not only scouting new spots, but also getting together 1 more time before snow fly's.
    The advantage of getting more than 1 person to scout spots on the lake would be the more people we get, the more spots get found, and the more data that could be put into some sort of Hotspot map of our own. I was thinking if there were enough interested in this, that I would take a lake map, break it down into sections and divy out sections to people to go scout. Marking spots either on the map, with pics, GPS, etc...

    I am thinking of a lake such as West Branch, due to it is centrally located to all the Northeast guys, and it is condusive to Bass, Walleye, Musky, and Panfish guys. Plus, the added bonus for this lake is that the lake is 6ft down, and we could mark so many good shore spots and road beds, that it would truly help during the months when the lake is at normal pool.

    I personally think that putting in 3 hours or so of scouting and combining all our scouting together would be very beneficial. Those whom have fished West Branch or other lakes for that matter , and already know them well, I don't expect nor do I think anyone else wants your hotspots that you currently have, but rather finding new spots that could be possibilites. How many times have all your hotspots gone dry and not knowing a lake so well, you are skunked throughout the day. This idea could help us all out in a situation like this.

    Of coarse after scouting and meeting back at the ramp, its then time to go back out and fish the lake. Heck you could even trade a spot you found for another that someone else found, go fish it and see what is happening.

    Maybe those whom like to bass fish can find those spot, and crappie guys find other spots condusive to crappie.....I am open to suggestions and comments.

    So what do ya guys think??

  2. Sounds like a good idea. I'd be up for it. pictures and a location on a map would be great info for anyone.

  3. johnboy111711

    johnboy111711 SOLID MEAT

  4. Sounds good to me. You can show me your secret walleye spot ;) ;) I was thinking of winterizing the boat in the next few weeks so lets do it soon before it gets too cold and the steelhead turn on in the rivers....JIM
  5. TightLine

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    Sounds great to me.... Someone just needs to give me a boat!
  6. I have a pretty detailed map of wesbranch already. My grandma found it in the basemet. its 3 pages and tells the depths and ware there are rocky bottoms and tree stumps and stuff. but its pretty old. so i dont know how acurate it still is. ill see if i can scan it and poast it. and you can combine it with the stuff you find.

  7. sounds like another fine plan from ben's creative mind. all for it.
  8. I'd like to join in as well depending on when this happens. If I'm around I would definitely like to join...WB would be ideal for me too. That lake gives me fits every time I put my boat in. Any ideas on a tentative date?
  9. Great Idea! But I have no boat, or fish finder, so I guess I gotta sit the sidelines on this one....

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    I am thinking on doing this in about 2 weeks or so, due to weather getting colder, and some that put their boats away. For those whom don't have boats, I am hoping that if enough people can bring boats that we can get ya a ride in one so that you can enjoy the day with the rest of us.

    The day is really up to you guys. If ya want me to post a poll on days, I am more than willing to do that.

    Those that have old maps that are willing to share them, please PM me so that we can discuss it a bit more.

    I truly think the knowledge we all can gain from putting our combined knowledge together could really pay off late this season and for years to come.

    Since this is kind of short notice, I think we are all in agreement that if this is too be pulled off, we need to roll on it pretty soon.

    Keep the comments and ideas comming.

  11. i have a aqua view but no boat to. well atlest no with me
  12. I should be able to make this one. I have a 16' & probably an open seat. I don't put my boat away until the ice is too thick to launch.
  13. Getting recent (within 10-15 yr) areial photos is not only a snap but free from many websites, down to a 2 m resolution. Depending on the county this ends up being chosen to be done in you may be able to get 1m color res too for free. I think its a pretty intuitive and slick idea that is very beneficial to the members to take a day and spend doing. The benefits that come from it will far out weigh a days get together. Collecting the data is never the problem though its getting it into something that is accurate and makes sense. I have been using ArcView 3.2 and we are switching over to V.9 but I cant make sense of it. The biggest obstacle I see is the accuracy of the data effecting the final product. If there were multiple GPS units being used you are going to get multiple range accuracies, multiple variability in the correction, and therefore an end result map that may place structure not really where it is. Ive used handhelds that run from 5 m accurate to submeter accurate and you can really tell the differnece in the end when you are mapping these things out and overlaying them. Downloading the 2ft (or whatever you want 5, 10) countour lines would be beneficial too, they dont always extend into bodies of water but I would suspect they would, and I can verify this easily for West Branch at work, as as base map to relate the structure to. I think focusing in on a specific area(s) would be best too on such a large body of water because things like this easily and often exceed the amount of man hours you intend on putting into them.
  14. Just when I though it was safe to call it a year for the boat... I would participate, but I have my boat torn apart redoing the interior. Some how I'm not thinking it would make for too comfortable a trip at the moment sitting on the floatation foam lol. Too bad I started it already cause it sounds like some real useful information will come out of it for those that attend.

  15. johnboy111711

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    I'll sell you my info for a steep price barry!!!!
  16. If anybody needs a seat I can take a couple of guys.Might as well throw out a couple of muskie rods while were looking at the fishfinder. .....JIM

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    Johnboy brings up a good point. For those of us that go out and do this scouting and work, I must say in my opinion that it wouldn't be fair that after I put all this info that all of us together gather up, and put in some sort of pamphlet/book that it be free to give out to all others. I don't want to make it sound bad, so I hope it doesn't come off that way. And when I say free, I don't mean charging someone for it, but rather this just be a book of good info for those whom participated for reference in the future.

    My initial plan was too only create the ammount of pamphlets/books as there were people whom helped out that day. If someone wanted this info that didn't participate, then I am not sure how to approach that issue. Is this wrong for me to think? Whats your guys opinion?

  18. Did I hear Musky Rods??? :cool: I may have my boat down for the winter, but I think I've got a musky rod or two I could drag out.

    Johnboy, whatta ya mean by "steep"??? Ben says you work cheap lol. :p :D

  19. johnboy111711

    johnboy111711 SOLID MEAT

    I don't think it'd be neccessary for extra copies to be made. if someone not there wanted on I think that they could work it out with an attending member.
  20. i think you could give everyone that shows up a free one. and then if other people want one they can make a small donation to ogf and get one. just a thought.