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The new guy is chiming in....

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by jcustunner24, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. What constitutes a good day of fishing for you guys? Because I signed up with my yahoo addy i have been lurking for several months now. I read posts on this site regularly and the one question that is always on my mind is this one. Often times I see guys saying they had a "great" day on (fill in the blank lake) while catching 5 bass in 6 hours (often times those numbers are not accompanied by anything of size) and then there are times (specifically in spring) where guys tout 100 fish in 3 hours (which I'll reserve comment on for now).

    So my question is, what constitutes a good day in your eyes?

    FOR PURPOSE OF EXAMPLE - leave the human element out - i.e. - you fished alone. The stories of taking grandpa or granddaughter or anyone in between certainly prove what fishing is all about, but my question is directed solely at fish totals and the designation of "good day" as a description. I am of the mindset that any day spent fishing is a good day, so please avoid that fisherman's cliche.

    I'm just curious because the opinions are seemingly all over the place on this one.

    Thanks, and I hope not to sound like a pain in the ass...

    Basically, in a long winded way, I'm asking you all to tell me what determines if you come on here and claim to have had a good/great day on the lake. (keeping in mind that any day on the lake it great - what compels people who catch a handful of fish to proclaim that day special)
  2. first off welcome aboard!

    now to the question at hand. i consider any day that i catch at least one of what ever it is im after on a certain day, a good day. now as far as numbers go i know for a fact during the ice fishing season ive had days when ive caught well over 50 and sometimes 100 gills or crappies in and outing now granted i usually fish farm ponds and small private lakes that get little to no pressure from other anglers . however i feel that what you read on here is the truth 95% of the time cause we all know fisherman sometimes like to embellish from time to time that is where the other 5% comes into play.

    now i will tell you this , there are some really good folks on here who are willing to help put people onto fish wether it be giving advice as to what techniques are working to what locations are producing, or what baits are hot at the moment.

    everyone has there own views on what makes a great day. to me a GREAT day is one where i have no mechanical issues with truck/boat motor or trailer , or in saturdays instance a stolen fuel tank, i make it to and from the lake safely , and catch some fish in the process., now every once in a while i have a day like this and thats great but i usally cant make it through a trip without some little snafu, like leaving the head unit to my fish finder in its case at home in the basement .

    so there you have it my long winded views on the matter. enjoy the site, i know you will find it informative and sometimes comical !;)

  3. pose an interesting question.

    I cannt tell you how many years I have fished without taking a fish home.......nor can I tell you about the times I went fishing with no desire to catch a fish.

    Fish totals.......especially on inland lakes..... are meaningless to me. Everyday is a good day on the water. They do not make a good or bad trip.

    The day, the sunrise or set, the friendship, the wildlife, the funny dumb stuff that happens, the cheeseburger grilled at home with the glass of CC and something...........these are what make the day.......not the fish count.

    I do not view all fishing days exactly the same. Days on Erie, I want some food. Days on inland lakes, not so.

    Thanks for the question. Ya got me thinking.
  4. Depends on what one fishes for. A muskie fisherman may be estatic that he caught one fish , where as a bass fisherman may be disappointed, most certainly a panfisherman would be severely dejected.

    I put no number on what constitutes a good day. If I spend all day trying to find them and finally do that makes me feel better than just blundering into them. Working on a pattern of the fish or trying a new technique and having it work gives me more satisfaction than any number.

    Personally I like the challenge that fishing offers. Very seldom does one get a day where all the conditions are perfect. I suspect you are going to get a lot of different answers because differnt people fish for different reasons.

    For instance say I posted that I had a fantastic day catching a limit of perch.
    Most Lake Erie perch fishermen would roll their eyes. But say I caught them in an inland lake and they averaged between 11" - 14 ". I might add this lake was never known for its perch fishing.

    Will be an interesting post to watch but doubtful if a definitive answer will be arrived upon.
  5. I have to agree. I know it's not what you were looking for as an answer, but any day that I can go to the lake, fish or no fish, is a good day :D . I've had days on a pond where I caught a bass every 10 minutes for 2 hours, and I've sat on the bank of LaDue all night and caught 2 channels.

  6. chaunc

    chaunc Staff Member

    I'm a panfisherman. I try lots of diffrent techniques to catch them. I consider it's a good day when the technique i choose to use that day works for me. Like last week, early in the week, i caught fish on every cast for almost an hour straight, on jigs and nibbles. Now they weren't big fish, just fish willing to bite.Released them all. Friday i decided to try that same spot with my flyfishing equipment. Didn't catch fish on every cast but did manage to catch a good number. Only kept 10 nice size crappies (9") for a fishfry. I consider both days, good days. Not for the numbers, but for the way i enjoyed fishing. I fished Erie on sunday. Trolled up some walleyes. Missed a 2 man limit by 4 fish but considered the day a good day fishing. All in all, whatever you choose to call a good day is totally up to you.
    ( And i have had those 100 fish in 3 hour days too.)
  7. I don't even need to catch fish for it to be a good day just the fact that I can get away and relax is enough for me, fish and sometimes a nap are a bonus:D
  8. I guess it all comes down to personal opinion! a new fisherman might catch one fish and have it be the best day of fishing! or maybe the lake you are on! lets say you are on westbranch which is not the best known bass lake in northeastern ohio( I still love it though) Every bass I catch out of that lake is so much more rewarding than ones that I catch out of a small private pond! so that is what makes a good day! but if you go to a private pond that you normally catch 15 to 20 bass when you go and you catch 4-5... that might not be the best fish catching day(still a good day though) if you fish all day and catch one 5 lb fish and that was the only bite you got! still a good day! It all comes down to what you personally think was a good day! I'm just like everyone else any day on the lake is a good day to me! Fish are just a bonus! I cant think of a day that was bad when I was fishing! any day I don't get skunked is even better!
  9. every day on the water is a good day, i know its going around the question but i think fishing is all about the human element and the experience, not the fish totals. fish wise i think the best days however are the ones with new fish, my friends and i tend to base the day on # of species over total fish
  10. OldSchool

    OldSchool Saved Fish

    I have to agree with s-eyeSam
    I consider any day that I catch at least one of what ever it is I’m after on a certain day, a good day… but I may qualify that… any day that I catch at least one of whatever it is I’m after THAT IS BIG ENOUGH THAT SOME OTHER FISHER-GUYS WOULD THINK THAT I AM NUTS FOR THROWING IT BACK is a good day. (C&R!!!)

    I think that a great day is one where the wife out catches me (we fish together a lot of the time) but I am the one who boated a Fish Ohio fish! (BTW the wife has been doing her part but I am still looking for that Fish Ohio LM this year. :D )
  11. I think a great day is when you exceed expectations. For instance, in the early fall before the steelies really show up in good numbers, if I catch 2 in a day, that's good. But in late November when the river turns green after a hard rain a few days before and I know it's loaded, if I catch 2, I'm calling it a bad day. On a prime day like that I would say anything less than 6 or 7 would be a bad day.
  12. Buick Riviera

    Buick Riviera Willows and bass go together like beer and pizza.

    I've enjoyed this thread. As I reflect on what is a good day I am reminded of the philosophy I'm sure some of you have heard before:

    "Most men fish all of their lives without realizing it is not the fish they are fishing for."

    I realize it is not the fish I'm fishing for. That's why every day on the water is a great day.

  13. New to the forum, guys...been lurking for awhile though. I think a good day is any day that you are successful in catching the fish that you are targeting. A special day is different: maybe you catch your biggest of the season, or someone special was with you. I was lucky enough to have both happen to me a few weeks ago...started on the 'hoga for smallies w/ my dad, and did okay, but moved on to a private pond due to heavy traffic...only caught one at the pond, but it was a great fish, my best of the season to this point...7 pound are a couple of pics


  14. A Good Day For Me is any day on the water. I dont get out much so i enjoy every ounce of being on the water. But As far as fish totals 1 or 2 good sized muskies or 2-4 thirties muskie
  15. fugarwi7

    fugarwi7 Lumberjack

    Many good responses...I tend to lean towards the "good/great day" is just being out on the water trying to outsmart the target species...obviously that challenge changes from day to day and even hour to hour...that being said, I also weigh in a "good day" depending on the fishery I'm fishing...If at Erie, in recent years it would be less than a good day if a limit per man in the boat was not acheived (based purely on numbers as you inquired...many other factors, ie, company, day's occurances, etc., change that of course). On other bodies of water it may be one or two fish, or even a follow if my expectation is only that prior to getting there. All in all, any day fishing is a good day...catching a few just may elevate it to a great day!
  16. ezbite

    ezbite the Susan Lucci of OGF

    when i fish alone, i usually try something different than my regular program. the spoons always seem to work..

    id say that catching some walleye, with a different program than i usually run without any pop-up(mechanical) problems is a sucessful day to me.
  17. Glad this post got people talking. I agree completely with all of you who say just getting out is a great day, but if I go to Nimisila (I'm boatless) and walk the shore and get skunked, the day loses its luster.

    I live in Cuyahoga Falls so I pretty much hit all the local spots and expect to come away with one or two everywhere I go. Getting skunked takes a little away from a "good" day.

    Great days happen for me at a private lake I go to. If I catch 30 bass out there, it's a sloooooow day.

    Glad I stopped lurking and started posting. Great site, better people.
  18. ezbite

    ezbite the Susan Lucci of OGF

    me too:D i wish more people would get involved. hey, to each his own.
  19. As a bank fisherman, my standards for a good day fishing are probably lower than most. I would like to catch 2 or more fish, but the reality is that I am lucky to catch one. I am still learning the finer points of fishing and trying to maximize what I can do since I do not have a boat or any fancy electronics.

    I split my time between pan fisherman and bass fisherman.
  20. Too many beginners & novices look at fishing & catching as a constant, i.e. a horizontal line on a graph without many peaks or valleys. Fact is, an average catch during the spawn would be "breaking news" during the dog days of august. I guess the answer to your question depends.