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The new Cabellas Store

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by trucked, Aug 16, 2004.

  1. As far as the store goes,,,,,more expensive than Galyans or Gander Mtn. But a much larger selection of things of course. ie...(curlytail plastic jig) bag of 50 3" size for $5.99. All colors too. Good, considering that a bag of 10 was $4.99.

    Cabellas spent 7 million dollar on record breaking mounts that they have all around the store.

    I have 32 pictures and every one of them are a different world record.

    [​IMG] :eek:
    How'd that get in there???? :)[​IMG]
  2. I was going to post about this same subject. I was going to pick up somemore 1/4 oz jigheads. I seen them in the bass pro catalog like 100 of them for like $8.00. I looked at Cabela's on Saturday and they had 25 of them for like $7.50. I looked at the trolling motors and fishfinders and realized I can get the same things at Wally World for less. I have to say that will be one of the few times I will shop Cabela's. It is a beautiful store but very expensive. Could the prices be up to pay for the new store???

  3. crankus_maximus

    crankus_maximus Crankus Baitus Maximus

    Not all things were more expensive. Certain crankbaits were cheaper at Cabelas when I was there. The Bargain Cave is great for finding a killer deal every once in a while. I was very impressed with the overall store and the selection. You should hit the Gander Mountain up the road in Washington, PA. That makes twice the fun in one day!
  4. I never thought of doing the Gander thing. Darn it. Would've found better deals there probably although Gander in Hilliard is not that cheap either. Nobody can beat the Wally World price..........Not that big of selection as the other stores but they will do with what I need. I looked at the trolling motors too. It was funny that they didn't carry the new Motor Guide 101 lb thrust troller huh? Also the kid in that department wasn't that knowledgable about any of the motors. I have a Lowrance LMS 280 on my boat. I was looking at the X-15. Sure looked good but lots of bucks. And I don't mean the mounts on the wall either.

    Well, I'm putting the boat in at Hoover tonight. I am taking Harry1 with me to make sure I don't fall off the deep end. Sure hope I get some Crappies for the frypan. An Eye or 2 wouldn't be bad either. I might just keep 'em for the fry-o-later.

  5. I went to the store on the first day and, while some prices may have been high, they had some decent prices on some of their clothing and coats. While it was impressive, I still preferred going to the Bass Pro Shop store in Michigan.
  6. My father went to Cabela's on Saturday this past weekend...he said that the guns were amazingly overpriced.....I guess they want $1400 for a Bushmaster Ar-15....I think my father only paid $700 for his, though I forget where he got his at......I can't remember seeing one for that high a price.....I will visit the store when I head home to Steubenville sometime, but I still like BPS in Cincy....Hopefully, Galyan's/Dick's will not be much different than it is now, though I get word that it will change quite a bit.......I use Galyan's for all my immediate must needs...........

  7. crappiebub

    crappiebub Justcrazy's Guide!

    Justcrazy, Fishlicker (Rob's Lab) and I went Sunday. If you have your dog with you , take it inside to the information desk and they will kennel it inside for you at no charge. Good to know if you are traveling and it's too hot to leave it in the car or truck.
    If you can prove a price is lower somewhere else, they will match it. They will not match a Catalog price for example from Bass Pro, but if it is a sale flyer and whoever is selling is has it in stock, they will match. Rob wanted 2 Avery blinds and they were in the Bass Pro Flyer for $30.00 cheaper for each. The guy that waited on us verified the prices and marked it down on each Blind.
    Some things were cheaper and some more, just like anywhere else. Makes it nice to be able to handle some of the things from the catalog before you buy. Only 40 minutes away, so I'll be back.