The new 5wt's first outing

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  1. Yea i did finally get an actual fyl rod and reel, no longer using the long crappie rod to FF. Any way went to the little farm pond we have been asked to clean out, so i took my new three forks prestige 5wt to pluck some gills out of the pond. Started out with a bumble bee floater got a few so i switched to a dropper flying ant and and could not keep them away from it. Well i got adventurous and tied on a spider above the ant trying for a double. Well of course a bass would go after the spider (only a #12 hook) didn't get a good hook set so he took me on a little run then he was done playing and swam away. caught a few more gills after that they would alternate on the two flies. My buddy said we need to get going and clean the mess of fish we had so i said alright last cast because this is going to be my double, and wouldn't you know it a double a gill came up and sucked down the spider and on the way in a crappie hit the ant i was as happy as a 5 year old on Christmas morning :)
    biggest one caught by me was a 8.5" gill all in all it was a good 1st outing
  2. SB,
    No, that was NOT a good first outing. It was a GREAT first outing! In addition, you have the makings of a fantastic meal, or 2, or 3, or....
    Way to go!!

  3. Good stuff! What rod did you pick up?

  4. "so i took my new three forks prestige 5wt"

    Nice Job.. now that is a fun time.. congrats an a great outing!

  5. funny what you see when you read with BOTH eyes... sorry :eek:
    First trips on to the rest ;)
  6. defiantly on to more outings. anyone use Mustad 94840 dry fly hooks and have a problem with them sinking after putting waterproof dubbing and dry hackle? its probably just my tying abilities but any info would be great.... thanks for all the great help so far I'm sure i will be bothering you guys for more info
  7. Never a bother.... never... this is how we all learn and share knowledge so we can pass it on ...

    I look forward to hearing more from you!

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    Definitly a great outing! Fun!!
  9. Use a floatant...I am very happy with Mucilin (red can). Use it very LIGHTLY. Too much "floatant" will sink a fly.