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The Mystery Writer....

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Reel Lady, Sep 12, 2004.

  1. Reel Lady

    Reel Lady Dreams DO come true!

    What a mystery we have on our hands...well, actually, make that our windshield :)
    Some very kind fellow OGF member left us a little note on the windshield of our van while we were out (attempting) to catch some decent fish at West Branch last night. Yes.... I did say attempting.....
    We pulled out of the water at about 5am...hehe.. just as a nice bass tournament was gathering in the parking lot to start their day. It's always so weird to be getting out of the water, just as the rest of the world is just beginning their day. Don't ya think?
    Anyway, this OGF member didnt say who they were! Gosh, I would sure love to know! Really, that was so nice of you (who ever you are) to do that :)
    Well, lets talk about West Branch last night/this morning... Wow... the water was higher than I have ever seen it. Trees that were normally part of the bank, were now under water. This made navigation a bit difficult in the dark, because all of my usual landmarks were now just a bit different looking. There was also lots of floating debri. I'm talkin' big chunks of wood! I certainly wouldnt want to be skiing on that water yesterday, thats for sure! Now, in the fish department...well, I'm sorry to say that I, myself, caught zilch... a big fat zero :-( BUT.. Rob (reelman) managed to catch a pretty decent sized large mouth over in Jay Lake, as well as a 19-20" catfish. (also in Jay lake).
    Rumor has it (according to our windshield) that the crappie are hot now. Gosh, if we could only be so lucky! Oh well, at least we managed to get out on the boat, and enjoy the beautiful evening.
    I think we may even head out to Mosquito in an hour or so. I wonder if the cats will be biting tonight?
    Happy Fishing :)
    Hmmm.... fellow OGF member.... obviously a big crappie guy....obviously has read my posts....obviously knows what the graphics on our van say.....what a mystery.....
  2. Crappie and Walleye are biting at Berlin! We caught several crappie with spinnerbaits. They were being aggressive. The walleye were also biting.

    Good Job Rob on those Bass and catfish!

  3. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    That was me, Lewzer. We pulled out about 9:30PM and I saw your van. I thought man I hope I don't mess up their wiper blade or the dew make the ink run on your windshield....
    We thought we saw you about 4:00 as we were going to no wake zone. You were headed back toward the dam at a high rate of speed.:D

    The crappie are(were) on big time last weekend. Almost all were 11"-13' with a couple smaller and quite a few larger. The normal spring sunken brushpiles didn't produce. Found a new spot in about 12' of water. A minnow under a slipbobber on #4 hook did the trick. Caught a few on a crankbait and an in-line spinner. Stopped and threw out the minnows and the bite was on. The water level was about normal summer pool, maybe a little higher.
    The channels were hitting pretty good on shrimp. Nothing on cut bluegill. Also had a few bass and bluegill to round out the evening.

    p.s. Did you get the gps coordinates for West Branch on the other side of the paper?
  4. Reel Lady

    Reel Lady Dreams DO come true!

    Lewzer.... you are the man! Thanks for solving the mystery :D
    Well, it sounds like you had alot more success fishing that day/night then we did! Rob caught 1 bass, and one catfish. Me?.....umm.. oh well.... lets talk about something else! ;)
    And in response to your comment about us flying across the water towards the dam... lol... well, once again, we go to start our boat, and the darn battery is totally dead. The weird thing is that we purchased a minnkota on board battery charger to keep all the batteries fully charged. It showed that our main battery was full... wrong... so once again, we have to drag out our jumper cables to get her goin'. What a pain this battery issue is. Well anyway, once we got it started, we knew that the battery had to last the night, which is why we were flying across the lake... trying to recharge. It worked for a while, but by 3:30am, our anchor light was just a fraction of what it should be. Good thing we have our black/flourescent light hooked up, at least we could be seen by other boaters.
    And yes, we did see the GPS notes on your note.... only one problem there... we dont have GPS... not yet anyway, but it is definitely on our list of "wants/needs" for the boat.
    Well, I just want to say thanks for taking the time to leave us that note. :)
    It's always nice to run into an OGF member in "real life".
    Happy Fishing!