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the moped

Discussion in 'OGF Comedy Corner' started by harry1, Apr 17, 2004.

  1. a guy in a brand new vet pulls up next to an old man on a moped at a light.

    the old man asks to look inside the car because he says it's sharp looking and he's never seen inside a new one.

    the vet driver agrees and the old man leans in and looks.

    it's sharp, he says, and the speedometer reads 120mph, that's fast.

    yes it is, says the vet driver.

    just then the light changes and the vet driver takes off. he decides to show off for the old man and runs up 75mph as fast as he could. he looks in the rear view mirror to see the old man's reaction and sees the old man right behind him, and gaining on him. so he pops it up to 100mph. when he looks in the rearview mirror the old man is right behind him and gaining ground. this cant be right. so dumps it and the speedometer reading 120mph and he's still gaining speed. he looks the the rearview and the old man is right behind and gaining. he can't belive it as the old man colses the distance and keeps on coming. finaly the old man and the moped strike the rear of the vet and crash. he stops the vet and runs over to the old man.

    he was obviously dying.

    old man. he asks, any last requests?

    yes, he replies, could u unhook my suspenders from your mirror?
  2. catking

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    That's not bad............. :D THE CATKING !!!