the lower cuyahoga cats

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    does anyone fish the lower cuyahoga river, down Harvard ave., by Alcoa? i went fishing there the other night and caught ALOT of bullheads. i was looking for channel cats. I saw 1 nice channel cat caught during the day but when i went back i caught about 9 bullheads and a few small rockbass. HELP !!!!
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    Caught a lot of channels a little upstream. We usually get them just downstream from where we get smallmouth in the slightly calmer water.
    Got a nice one a year back by Stone Road - nailed a 3 1/2" tube jig!
    I had to drop anchor in the kayak 'cause he was pulling me downstream
    into the 1/8 mile of rapids. had good success one day with chicken livers,
    but someone said to use gizzards/hearts - they stay on the hook better.

  3. Caught on the other day using a crayfish. I was going for a smallmouth and the crayfish that I was using had a really hard shell so I cast out, went over to grab a softer one out of the cooler, went back over to my pole and saw it was starting to be dragged into the river. It wasn't too big, but 24" out of the river when you're not expecting it is a nice treat. I really want to go get a flathead somewhere this year. Sorry to hear about the bullhead, I can't stand those things.