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The lousy fishing this summer question

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by spiff, Sep 14, 2004.

  1. Based on what I've read in this forum this summer, fishing was really off here in the southwest ohio region.

    For me, this summer has been a personal low both in terms of quantitiy and quality. So, I began to wonder if anybody else I know was having the same problem.

    My brother-in-law lives in Michigan and has a 42 footer on Lake Huron. He is what I consider to be THE outdoorsman and has been his whole life...carves his own decoys, fishes every weekend, gets his limit on deer, ducks, know. So, I asked him how his summer went. He said it was the worst on record for him in Michigan. Lousy weather, no fish, small fish....sound familiar? The only reason I posted this is that he could easily be responsible for the elimination of walley, trout and salmon in Michgan if he wanted to and HE can't catch fish. Maybe this year just sucked for fishing in the midwest.

    Has this been a worst for any of you, or just average and expected from time to time? I've lived here since '74 but have moved many times back and forth from the west coast & St. Louis. I'd like to hear from folks who have been here a long time. Is this to be expected or is it a trend? I only have the last 3 years to compare, in terms of recent fishing...with this year being waaay on the bottom.

    Here's to hoping for a better fall!

  2. I would say that my summer has been an average fishing season. I did get more fishing in this late summer than I have in recent years but I am having to learn a lot more about boat fishing and fishing larger bodies of water so part of the low success rates have been due to my inadequacies.:D

    Now my trip to Canada this past August ranks right up at the top for the worst week in Canada. It was by far the worst results of any of our 9 trips up there. I think the weather had it out for us that week though and so I feel confident that we will get back on good fishing agian this next year up there.

  3. Well I hope I am not the only one with a contrary opinion. ;) While this summer didn't provide the most BIG fish I've ever caught, it was certainly an above average season for me so far. Starting with a few 20+ fish days hunting smallmouth in April and ending up with a few 20+ fish days hunting bronze in August. Total for the season is 7 fish over 18", none over 20".

    Last season I had 6 over 20" and 23 over 18", but that included trips to Minnesota and Michigan. The "M" states tend to skew the results :D

    Largemouth were a bit tougher as I didn't spend as much time on the local lakes. Lake fishing in June when the cicadas were here was spectacular, however. Big, BIG>>> BIGGGGGG carp on a fly!!!! :eek: Great bluegill fishing, too.

    The autumn is looking up and I am excited about a few more smallie outings, at least a couple largemouth and bluegill expeditions (probably east), and then the winter striper fishery! Ohio is a great place to fish!!!

    Joe C.
  4. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    Worst Year I have ever had fishing, no big fish, and few bites...Is the fish population dwindling? Maybe it is, the human population is climbing, and putting a toll on our resourses
  5. I have had a pretty good year, but it did get very tough at times. I took Insane squads advice and tried new tactics and scouted out new areas, which led to much success. I learned how to catch huge channels when the water is said to be unfishable by most people, I found new flathead holes and even picked up my flyrod again after a 10 year absence and picked up some great bass and panfish. I think it has been rough, you just have to adapt a little more than usual to get to the fish.
  6. I wonder if the big flathead fishing has increased in popularity in recent years? I know before the advent of the Internet I never heard all that much about catching the big cats. I guess I did not know if this new communication is only making it more visible to all or if a lot more people are targetig them. In either case I guess one can hope that the catch and release method is practiced by a large number of fisherman or else that will go toward explaining Flathunter's lack of success.

    Incidently, I have not tried targeting the flatheads once yet this year so my results of no flatheads is not so disappointing to me.:D
  7. I know that the popularity of flathead fishing has increased by leaps and bounds in recent years. I used to run into maybe 1 guy a night 5-10 years ago that was targeting flatheads. Now I see sometimes 10-15 people a night on public waterways when I am in an easily accessable area.
  8. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    The popularity OF Flathead fishing has increased 100 percent over what it was 10 years ago, IMO.
  9. I've had one of the better fishing years this season. I was only skunked 2 times all year (which is few for me) and that includes fishing for Flats during non-peak season. Also, I caught my new PB channel cat @ 15.8 # this spring. I haven't caught a lot of huge fish, but I've caught fish everyplace I've been. 90% of my fishing this year has been in lakes; but the rivers and streams weren't too hateful to me either.

    I hope for this trend to continue into the winter! :D

    I'd have to agree Flathead fishing has grown in popularity. I only started fishing for them 5 years ago. I'd guess it will only continue to grow - I know I was hooked after my first tangle with a Flattie.
  10. I would have to say that this has been an above average year. I’ve had success with both numbers and size. The weather has been much more cooperative, and the rivers have fishable more often than in the past few years.
  11. johnboy111711

    johnboy111711 SOLID MEAT

    living in the NE, I have had a great year for bass, both in numbers and size. I know of atleast 35+ fish over 18in this year. we have also had many days with 35+ fish. I have also fished harder this year, but the results are good.
  12. Sounds like fishing this summer was mixed alot more than I thought. I too fished harder this year but like in all things, harder doesn't always mean better. Tried new knots, new line, new spots, different species...I guess I just have to work through it until some things start to work for me. Thanks for all the replies. Interesting advise and insight. I'm gonna sneak down to the river tonight before Ivan pumps it back up...boat next year...if she lets me...;)

    Thank you , guys.

  13. Part of it is my fault. My trip to Florida ruined any hope a success here this Summer. There I get 105 fish in four hours. Here I get 4 fish in four hours. I have a hard time motivating myself to go out now.
  14. THarris


    ... although it was the WORST year ever up until about early-August. We were stinking up the joint until then! :rolleyes: But since then we have had amazing results -- both in numbers and size -- on bass and cats.
  15. smalliehunter

    smalliehunter "The Mighty Wing Man"

    Has totally blown away all previously held RRP records on bassin and cattin, and mind you our old records were nothing to sneeze at :cool: ......... Like my partner said..... the Dog Days of August have been GREAT to us :rolleyes: .......and we plan on continuing those results through the fall..... well at least until we are sitting in our tree stands......... ;)
  16. I have been outfished by Corey for the first time ever,maybe fall will turn the tide for me..Corey over doubled his personnel best flat from previous years which was a good thing..Justin also caught his pb this year..I caught a 24lber in March which was my earliest by far.. I lost some monsters in the rocks this year and i know 2 would have been pb for the GMR.

    All in all we caught much larger fish then we have in the past few years,not as many but bigger..Bigger is better!!!