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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by ParmaBass, Oct 11, 2008.

  1. ParmaBass

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    I never had a bumper sticker on any vehicle I've owned my entire life. But with the upcoming election I chose to support my party of choice by puchasing a simple bumper sticker. I decided to go Perch fishing today out of Edgewater by myself. Loading/unloading can be a pain sometimes when you're alone. I haven't recieved much assistance in the the past nor have I expected it when I'm fishing alone. But today was different.....

    I was backing my boat in and a guy came over and said "Let me give you a hand". I backed my boat in, he held the rope and even tied up my boat to the ramp. I thanked him and he said, "If you would of had the other guys name on your bumper I would of looked the other way". I thought, ok cool!!

    On the way in I load my boat and take it inside the marina to park it. As I start backing it into it's spot a guy comes running over and starts waving me back. Cool, more help! He goes on and helps me unload my boat and tarp it! Never expected this either, I even told him "Thanks,I can handle it from here", but he insisted on helping me. When we finished with the tarp we bs'd a little about the days fishing and he said "I noticed your bumper sticker, had it been the other guys name I would of been on my way home 20 minutes ago"!

    I hope OGF doesn't think this is politcal, I really don't think it is, but who knows. I guess it pays to show your support!

    SOMEONE 08!
  2. Gju42486

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    haha good story......cant be much better than that.

    so who was it on the sticker? DIXIE CHICKEN or DONKEY? :p

  3. ParmaBass

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    HAHA Good one! I better not go there...That might be considered political talk.
  4. jennis9

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    always a good sign when you can come together and help someone out.

    in way though, it's a shame it has to come to a bumper sticker to have a little extra help, but it does bond when we know we have something in common with someone else.

    ps - we're at the same marina, same setup - and me and my husband would lend a helping hand anytime you needed it. chicken or donkey.
  5. Fishpro

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    I'm not much into stickers unless its gear I use. I have a "BowTech" sticker on my back window of my truck, and thats it.:) And for the record...I'd help just about anyone at a ramp if they need it. I've been in that spot more than once, and I've had a few people stop and help. Just paying it forward.;)
  6. Fish2day

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    My first ever sticker is a OGF decal in my back window. Unbeliveable how it has helped me! Knowing that I am now identified publicly I have to use more restraint when someone at the ramps pulls their usual boneheaded move like passing a line of waiting boaters. Used to be I'd have a few choice expletives for them that i would verbalize loudly. Now i may be perceived as a respectable fisherman. What pressure! Yes sir ..... VERY helpful indeed

    ;) :D
  7. turkeymikey

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    I think I have the best bumper stickers on my truck they are...

    My Son is in The USAF and My Son is an Army Ranger
  8. monsterKAT11

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    went ahead and put an OGF sticker on my window also..haven't had any comments on it yet though :(

    i think i'm going to get a bunch of bumper stickers made up saying things like "i'm a bad parent" and "caution: i am a horrible driver" and put them on peoples cars that earn them :)
  9. seethe303

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    IMO it is a sad day when supporting one candidate over another is all it takes for someone not to lend a helping hand.

    If I saw someone who needed help I would help them regardless of what bumper stickers they had on their car, even if they supported an issue or a candidate I did not.
  10. Columbusslim31

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    I've had mine a while too. Have yet to be approached or acknowledged for it. But I figure if anything, at least it's free advertising for the site. Just my little way of giving back to a site that's helped me to become a better fisherman.

    Very well said. There are already countless things that keep the American people divided. It just seems like every four years it gets worse.
  11. this world would be a better place to live if everybody would help one another doesn't matter who you are. it make me fill good to help someone in need it doesn't bother if you are rep. or dem. i fill that is their opinion to be what they want.
  12. When you least expect it it will happen. While fishing near Sandusky this summer (2+1/2 hrs from home), I stopped in a gas station for some coffee for the ride home. A person saw my OGF sticker and pulled up behind me and introduced himself by his OGF handle. I had read some of his posts in the past and said it was nice to put a face on the name. We talked about fishin and he gave me the lowdown on the fish to which I said, "I wish I'd ran into you this morning"!
    I see some OGF stickers, usually driving to and from work or at boat ramps with nobody around. I try to acknowlege folks I bump into along the way.
    Parma, its nice to see a story like that. Fishermen as a whole are some of the best folks I know. But as in all walks of life, there are some fishermen that are holes.
  13. ParmaBass

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    I'm a helper too if I see someone that's in need of it. Usually the Edgewater ramps are busy on the weekends, I/we try to get in and out ASAP. I wasn't struggling or anything, just seems like both individuals voluntered to help because they had the same political views that I have. Seemed cool when the first guy came over to help and very ironic when the second guy came around, helped and said the same thing about the bumper sticker.

    And... I've had an OGF sticker and flag on my boat all Summer and haven't had one person approach me about that. Free advertising for a great site!
  14. I've got similar stickers on my truck. Although I do have an OGF sticker also. My stickers are in my avitar. One is just the standard Army sticker and the other says "I proudly support Spec. Maynard and the U.S. Army."