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the hoover gill net guys

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by bosshog, Jul 7, 2004.

  1. are not even citizens of the united states?They each got fined $800 and 5 years probation.what kind of message does this send? If I was the judge I would of deported both of them back to the country there about a slap on the wrist.And the restaurant that had the saugeye in there freezer is under investigation.from what I've read in the dispatch the investigation should be over and the place should be shut know the fish in there freezer came from gill netting.what a gigantic load of BS.I becha if they were fishing with dynamite they would both be locked up!gill nets are not much different in my eyes as everything that enters the net is killed.that judge should 2 cents worth. :mad:
  2. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    Thats a shame, should have got alot more of a fine and jail time.


    JUSTCRAZY Wurlds Wurst Spellor

    Our judical system is a joke!!! You didn't really expect them to get in any trouble did you? You have to remember, Coloumbus is the same place that had a cop on the force with 5 DUI arrests, one of which he got while on duty. No wonder our jails are so over populated. THERE IS NO PUNISHMENT FOR ANY CRIME!!!!!
  4. misfit

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    where did you hear that news?last i heard was they never even showed for their hearing a few weeks ago.
  5. I was disappointed too. Who knows how many fish they took out before they were caught. Maybe (hopefully) they will hit the restaurant harder.

  6. Its in the metro section of todays dispatch.
  7. odnr should of shot them when they had the chance. COuld of said they were running or somthin :mad:
  8. misfit

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    thanks boss.
    they didn't hit them hard eneough :mad:
    the restaurant should be shut down,along with a hefty fine.
    since they are not citizens,they should be deported after they pay their fines.
    i think that should be the case for anyone who comes to this country and breaks the law.if these morons want so much to become citizens,they first need to know they can't break the law.and if they do break any laws before they ghain citizenship...............adios amigos.
    ship them back to where they come from.
    this is a prime example of why some people love to come to this their own countries,the law deals much more harshly with them,so they come here knowing they can get off easy,and continue to do so.
    i have an ex brother-in-law who came from germany,and was deported after umpteen arrests and several jail/prison was no time till they caught him coming back into the country,because he knew he'd never last as a criminal in germany :mad:
    sorry about the rant,but this kind of thing lights my freaking fire fast.
    i don't care where you come from.if you want to be an american,act like one or stay the hell out :mad:
  9. I agree completely!!!
  10. how many fish do u suppose they got before they were caught?
  11. Can any of you get an E-Mail address for the judge and/or the local DNR district office E-Mail? We could send a number of well thought out comments and even ask the question if deportation was or will be considered. Copies of our E-Mails could also be sent to the local newspaper. Can anyone help?
  12. Fish4Fun

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    The bad thing is had that been a local or a citizen of the usa we probably would have been in jail. And do you really think these guys will pay that $800 how much you want to bet they skip town or lay low and do it agian somewere else.
  13. FINMAN

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  14. Nice job on the info Fins. I did a little research myself. Mr. Jiahe Weng (39) is listed at 1446 Bethel Rd and has a fairly clean record (in Franklin County). Mr. Hua-Xin Ye (28) has pending actions against him from the city of Columbus and Nationwide Insurance. Seems in addition to being a bad little boy for poaching our beloved saugeye, he's a bad driver. Plate # YSHR126. He is also listed at the same address as Mr. Weng. Don't have a phone number for the fellers, but I thought I would providethe address if anyone had room on their boat for the next Hoover fishing trip.
  15. mrfishohio

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    Gill nets are permitted in the Ohio River under KY commercial regulations.
    Make a stink about that guys !!
  16. mrfishohio

    mrfishohio Recovering Fishaholic

    (2) Gill net or trammel net.

    (a) May be used only in Ohio and Mississippi Rivers and overflow lakes directly connected with each river or as specified in 301 KAR 1:140. Minimum mesh size is three (3) inches in the Mississippi and its overflow lakes and four (4) inches in the Ohio River and its overflow lakes.

    (b) May be fished weighted or as a flag net.

    (c) Shall have one (1) commercial gear tag attached to each 100 feet or part thereof.

    (3) Commercial trotline.

    (a) Shall have more than fifty (50) hooks placed no closer than eighteen (18) inches apart.

    (b) Shall have one (1) commercial gear tag attached.

    (c) Shall be no longer than 3,000 feet, including staging, and shall be fished separately, not tied together in a continuous line
  17. Remind me not to cause any problems for Sheephead Master :p
  18. In addition to the earlier information, based on the intelligence I have gathered, the saugeye poachers and restaurant they work at and stock (or did stock) with Hoover Reservoir saugeye, is the Panda Inn Chinese Restaurant on Bethel Rd. (614) 459-2229. Not that I would go to a place called the Panda Inn, but I just wanted to provide the information to other members who may want to boycott this particular establishment over suspicion of poaching saugeye and selling them to unknowing customers. If you do go, be sure not to divulge any of Misfit's secret spots to Weng and Ye.
  19. This is what was in the paper.

    2 fishermen fined for netting saugeye
    Wednesday, July 07, 2004
    Bruce Cadwallader

    Two Columbus fishermen were placed on probation yesterday and ordered to pay restitution to the state for illegally netting more than 100 saugeye in March from Hoover Reservoir.
    Environmental Judge Harlan D. Hale ordered Jiahe Weng, 39, and Hua-Xin Ye, 28, to each pay $800 in fines after the men entered guilty pleas to catching more than the legal limit, using an illegal net and fishing by unlawful means, all fourth-degree misdemeanors punishable by 30 days in jail.
    Hale said he suspended jail time in lieu of five years of probation. He fined each man $300 and ordered each to pay an additional $500 to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, which stocks Ohio lakes and rivers with game fish, including saugeye.
    A state wildlife officer saw the men using the net before dawn on March 30 near the east side of the dam.
    Officer Brad Kiger, who issued the citations, found 108 saugeye, two white bass and a shad in the net.
    He said yesterday there is a limit of six saugeye per day per pole in Ohio.
    Nets were banned years ago.
    The two men used a net with diamond-shape webbing that often catches fish by the gills and won't let them move. The net is usually kept in place with floats.
    "It's illegal to even possess one of these nets. Everything that goes into it will die," Kiger said. "It was a really good case because we actually found them tending the net."
    The men's attorney Sam Law, who speaks Chinese, also served as their interpreter yesterday in court. He said they have been seeking U.S. citizenship.
    The men said they worked for a North Side restaurant that sells saugeye. That business is under investigation by the Department of Natural Resources, Kiger said.