The Hoga

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  1. I want to take a trip to fish the cuyahoga where are some good spots to try I have no idea where to even start. If someone could just give me a starting point like a park or a land mark that would be much appreciated.

    P.S. trying to find Smallmouths.

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    Are you wading or have a boat? The Cascade and Chuckery areas in Akron are popular, I don't know them that well. Waterworks park in Monroe Falls is good access. Brust Park also. Fred Fuller park in Kent has some good fish. Just find parks along the river and look around.
  3. Bank fishin' Thanks for the info... I'm just gonna head to the river and look around....
  4. Thank You.. I hope to head out in a few hrs or so, just need a starting point lol....
  5. If your looking for smallies i would head to cascade valley......there are alot of smallmouth through there....alot are smaller but there are occasional big ones....if u plan on fishing the hoga alot i would invest in some cheap 40$ waders....they ae worth it.....if your looking for some pike hed out to kent fred fuller park....that area is loaded with can find some real big ones too sometimes....but if ya want smallies i would head to cascade...that would be ur best bet for around here...good luck to ya
  6. Thanks Love2troll you gave me my starting point! I've been looking at maps to get directions from Avon Lake and think I am about set to go...

    What do Pike's like to chew on? I will primarily fish smallies but a pike sounds nice!
  7. i have caught them mostly on bass spinners and longer jerk baits.....rapala orignal floaters and stuff like that...bombers and smithwicks.....any white or bright colored spinner works good...they are a blast when you get one with some size