The grass ain't always greener...

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  1. I just returned from Punta Gorda, FL where I fished a prime, "world class" fishing location on Charlotte Harbor for a week. After 5 of us threw 4 bags of shrimp, cut bait, and every lure in the tackle box, morning, night, high and low tide, we scored two hardhead catfish and six small snappers (like 6"-7" small). I can do that right here at home on a bad day. Those particular cats have the venomous spines, and they're no good to eat.

    I was glad to get back to SW Ohio where I know the smallies will usually come out and play with me. I did hook what I believed to be a snook, but I didn't land it. It put up a heck of a running and jumping fight for a good 5 minutes with the drag a'whizzin. That was fun, but that was the extent of the fun.

    I'm sure if I went there on a good day it would be better, but for now I like Ohio. :)
  2. I feel you're pain. I was in Cape Coral the 1st week of august and all I caught were 2 Channel cats. The Cats you caught, I believe, are called Sailcats and yes they do have poison in their spines. I fished the Sanibel causeway and local canals for snook and caught nothing. I'm glad someone else didnt catch anything.

  3. Well at least u were not just sitting on the couch ;) U know what they say about a bad day of fishing :)
  4. I was in L.A. for a week and dropped about 150$ on three sandbass no bigger then a large mouth from my local lake! Had fun with my son out on the boat but was expecting much much more.....

    sadly tho i was asked by my wife if I would do it again.....the answer was yes
  5. I did one of those trips out of Dana Point (1 hour north of San Diego) and it was incredible the number of fish in the area. We fished for under three hours and I know that my boy and I landed nearly 40 sand bass. The average size was probably 16-18". My boy caught the largest one on the boat that day at right around 6#. The fish were so thick that when you cranked one up there were several more following them to the boat. The water was 100' deep but they were 20-30 deep. You could not drop the bait through them. It was just incredible. I just thought I would share that to let you know that if you do it again there is a chance that you may really be hooked.:D
  6. Sanibel Causeway......I did get down to Sanibel Island, but I didn't fish there. I had the most fun I've ever had on the beach, digging in the surf for conch shells. I grabbed a ton of them (empty, of course). Where I usually go in the Outer Banks, I never see a conch shell. We had lunch at the Lazy Flamingo. Good food and the staff entertained the kids in a way I've never seen. That area is getting hit with a good storm right now.
  7. $150.00. OUCH! I spent $15.00 on lures from the local tackle shop which I took to Englewood Beach for some reputed good snook fishing. The weeds coming in were too thick for working crank baits and spoons at the time. I thought that was bad. I did spend another $15.00 on shrimp and a good sum on heavy fishing line that I will never need here at home. I could add all the other expenses of the trip, but we would have done all of that anyway.
  8. There can be a learning curve, but I can assure you the fishing to be had there is outstanding, far greater than anything locally. I don’t know exactly where you were, but having a boat is an enormous help. Some local knowledge helps a lot too. It appears the winds lately have been blowing in some offshore grass to the Gulf shores, so that’s why you were having problems at Engelwood. I grew up fishing once a year just South of there, back when the fishing wasn’t half as good as it is now, and back then it was better than anything an inland state can offer. I now fish the Engelwood area two or three times per year and am just now figuring out how to actually catch something. Did I mention a boat is a big help?;) BTW, those catfish are edible and can be a lot of fun on spinning tackle. Not a lot of fun when one sticks you.
  9. i assumed part of the problem was me. considering the bait shop that i rented the pole and tackle from, gave me an eight ounce sinker to start with! The "regulars" on the boat were having issues as well, but i was the big loser of the boat. next time i will bring my own tackle
  10. Guys with their own tackle were also cashing in on barracudas as well. They were tossing spoons and running them high. There were several caught while we were out there. There were also a couple or three small yellowtail tunas caught as well on the bait rigs. If you make it out that way again and are not too far from Dana Point I would recommend taking a look at Dana Wharf. They seem to run a very nice business. I can't recall the details but there was a small issue I had with the credit card charge. They added something that they were not supposed to and I contacted them a few weeks later via e-mail. I believe it was the lady that runs (or at least did 3 years ago) the business replied and was very understanding. She credited it back to my card immediately. I think it was only $20-30 but she took care of it. The guys on the boat worked for you to get your fish and they cleaned them on the ride back in. Here is a picture of the best bass that my boy took on the trip.