The G/O Bass Tournament results for Sunday 05/18/08 at Griggs Dam

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  1. We only had 6 boats today.... A little rain this morning and then turned out to be a nice day. The muddy water didn't stop the bass from feeding. There were 21 largemouth bass brought to the scale. Here are the results.

    1st Place
    Kenny B.
    Curt M.
    ***Big Bass*** ( L/M 3.9 Lbs.)
    6 Largemouth bass
    Total weight - 10.14 lbs.

    2nd Place
    Bill C.
    Lewis B.
    5 Largemouth bass
    Total weight - 5.1 lbs.

    3rd Place
    Mike B.
    4 Largemouth bass
    Total weight - 5.1 lbs.

    Thanks to everyone that made it out today. We will be at O'Shaughnessy Reservoir next Sunday.
  2. GarryS, could you PM with info in this tournament schedule? If these events are held on Sundays, I would be interested in fishing them when I'm not scheduled for other events. Do I have to be a member of a club to fish these? Thanks in advance.:B

  3. Forgot to ask in the PM, is it a 5 fish limit per boat? and is there any "Off limits" areas for Griggs and O'shay? Thanks again.
  4. These tournaments are a 6 fish limit. Garry will inform you of the off-limit areas.
  5. 2 man team - 6 bass limit....
    1 man team - 5 bass limit...

    I will explain the off limit areas if you show up to fish the tournament. Its mainly the release areas.... I have to show you. You will get a copy of the rules when you sign the wavor....

  6. Sounds good, thanks for the heads up. I'll have to see how my weekends plays out but right now it looks like I may have to wait and attend the tourney on the 1st of June. Looking forward to attending. :B