The G/O Bass Tournament fish-off info

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  1. There are still 5 tournaments before the fish off so anyone who wanted to get in it can still make it.

    The fish off will be on Oct. 18th at Griggs Dam and 19th at O'Shaughnessy Reservoir.... 7am or first safe light to 3pm... Entry fee will be $100.00 per boat. ( 2 man team ) $50.00 for a single. This includes big bass. This covers both days. There will be a 1st and 2nd big bass. Hope to pay 5 places or more depending on the number of boats we get. 100% pay back. You must have 4 in to fish in it. Any questions feel free to give me a call 614-946-8765

    Thanks GarryS
  2. There are just 3 tournaments left before the fish-off. We are at Griggs Dam this Sunday. 9/28/08

  3. Just in case some of you didn't see this.
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    Just wanted to post an FYI . A guy that alot of us know took his 16' aluminum boat up to OSR this week. His trailer fell off the end of the ramp. :( Conditions are not to good as of right now. If a small 16' boat trailer fell off the end of the ramp , a bass boat trailer is going to go off as well. Be carefull everyone.