The Flare Gun

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  1. I normally have my flare gun at the ready when returning late night to the ramp just in case some gang bangers want to have some sport with the old fisherman. It would attract attention and they would get the idea.

    I'm a little concerned just how accurate these things are, since I never fired one.

    I have a whole stack of outdated flares and am thinking of going to a range or field somewhere and do a little target practice.

    Since they only have a 3" barrel I'm guessing that the accuracy is way off.

    Anyone tried this ? ?
  2. I have shot a few old ones off in the yard and they can be rather impressive with the velocity and downrange distance.
    Just point it at them and if you point it close, it will getem. Dont hold to high, it will travel over there heads.
    Just like bullets and slugs, it will climb, level off and then drop on its way to a target.

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    i wouldn't use it to scare em off, i would use it it to light them up if needed. then they will see the light.
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    If they give you a bad time you could always shoot it inside their car. That would get theri attention.
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    OH, boy! The soon to be wife has actually pulled a flare gun on people twice!
    Once, wen a jacka** tried to get into the cabin of her boat, and once when
    a dude was being a di** at Fagan's! The guy at Fagan's actually called the cops!
  6. Where abouts you fishing at, im curious? Funny that gang bangers would hang out near a loading ramp at a lake. But to each as own I guess. Im sure a flare gun would scare the crap outta whoever you shot it at. I know i'd run. !@

  7. Just hope they don't have a real gun and return fire :(
  8. If Their Belly Buton Is Flameing, I Dont Think They Will Have Shooting Back On There Mind(if They Have A Mind)

    My Thought For The Day
  9. Just go out back and shoot a few.July 4 would of been the time to it tho...
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    Now days with the price of gas as high as it is and with drug use running rampant you may find thugs anywhere waiting to victimize you especially at a lonely boat ramp after dark.
  11. I understand your concern for safety. You never know who is around.

    Thought I would share some info a watercraft officer told me on Indian Lake. A flare gun is considered to be the same as a handgun. and we're required to notify any officer that one is onboard.

    Surprised me!