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  1. OK guys, show me the America :) Last year I asked couple of member and I took the advice - went to OBX and had a great time!!!

    This year 4 of us would like to go for vacations around the first week of July, for 9 days. We would like to go to the coast again, but somewhere else, not OBX (or maybe just another part of the OBX???).

    Here is what we want to do:

    - on the way to the coast - camp somewhere for a day or two, preferably in the mountains or stay in B&B.

    - on the coast - we are looking for a place with a nice beach and hopefully some fishing oportunities. Bigger town not to far away is a bonus, or at least a place with a pub etc.

    I would love to get some tips!
  2. come on, there must be something else on the east coast, or is really OBX the best place to go?

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    Usually in the intense heat of July my family would go north to Canada to escape a few degrees of it. Maybe you could take a great lakes tour. No saltwater though. My sister lives in S. Carolina and it has alot to offer. The mountains, beaches, awesome freshwater fishing (Lake Wylie, Santee Cooper) great historic locations (Charleston) and the unique "low country".
  4. Think about Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. You could camp in the mountains in North Carolina on the way & fish for trout & smallies. From Hilton Head, I hear there is dandy shark fishing this time of year & you could also make a trip to Santee Cooper, considered the finest "lunker" redear water in existence.
    We are headed there the 2nd week in July & I do plan on fly fishing Lake Moultrie (part of Santee Cooper) with a buddy & also fishing from the beach for "whatever".
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    Why not try the northern part of the east coast? I lived in New Hampshire one summer had a blast going to Hampton Beach. This is their web site:

    All through NH the scenery is beautiful and many B & B and no shortages of pubs. Also we went deep sea fishing 2 seperate times... once for mackerel and once for big blue fish. We landed some hawgs and even a few sand sharks. Was a fun summer!
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    virgina beack, myrtle beach, duck n.c., georgia, maine, etc..
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    You can camp at Cades Cove in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.
    You can see Clingman's Dome and fish at Lake Cherokee or Fontana Dam.
  8. thank you guys very much!